Long and Thin

Like yesterday’s shot, these are from December in the rocky part of the Chinese Cemetery.

They too are cropped in a long, thin format that appealed to me when I was editing the images.

Having just looked at the images on my 24″ monitor while proofing this post,

I really like this format in gallery mode – fills up the screen so the detail can be examined.



Canon 5DMkii, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO100 to 640, f1.4 (mostly) F2.2 and F8.



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10 thoughts on “Long and Thin

  1. Play of light upon
    The weeds and I’m reminded
    Of my place in life.

    – great post. I love these images. In the soil pockets is enchanting. I love the micro landscape made immense through your capture of light and motion.


    • Thanks so much Ryan – I feel honoured every time you grace my blog with a poem! This is a bit of a wintery thought to go with the images – wintery in being slightly gloomy or overcast. I do need to try to do more of those miniature landscapes that I have posted from time to time, I had not though of that image as being one of them, though on that day I had tried to take others which had not worked out very well.


    • Thanks so much Karen. They are all quite different to choose between. In many ways I like ‘almost too hard on my eyes’ – It says a lot to me about the quality of winter light on a bright day.


  2. Mini-panoramas! great series but the award goes to (drum roll, please) WIND SHAPED. It has the simplicity that I really like.


    • Hi Ken – now that is interesting. I almost did not include that one, I thought it did not work as well as I would have liked. I think you and Karen must be the only people not watching the olympics. Not sure about you guys, by my views are somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of normal. I am hoping that’s the reason, and not the quality of my offerings.


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