On Ice


This is from Port Renfrew when I was there a few weeks ago, and was taken close to my post Tracks which is a much stronger image in many ways, but I like this one too. Now it is warmer, but we have substantial amounts of snow on the ground, and still falling as I write this.

This blog is nearly on ice today as I am stranded by snow 300km from home in a rural and quite hilly place with summer tires on my car and no computer of my own to use. All my photographs from the past week or so are in RAW format in the camera, and I have no editing software to make them into a blog friendly format. So, this image was kindly sent to me from my folders at home, and I can post another blog. It would be a shame to break my ~2.5 year run of a post-a-day just because of the weather.



Canon 5Dii, Canon 50/1.4 lens, ISO200, ~f3.5, ~1/640th.


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10 thoughts on “On Ice

    • Thank you Ashley – I had not thought of that but should have since we have a slice of agate on the windowsill behind me. It is a very apt comparison.

    • Thanks Melinda. That is what I like about it. I am not a big fan of ice, and we see very little here, but I am jealous of other people’s ice photos so it was nice to get a chance to try a few of my own.

      • I know what you mean re. photos of ice. Just today, Ken posted ice on BOTH of his blogs!

        (Last week, when we were gone, Nathan updated us on weather conditions back at home. It was cold, he said, with “some ice.” And he helpfully texted us a photo of the icemaker in his freezer…)

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