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On this day in 2011 I started blogging, and come Wednesday I will have posted every day for three years. In recognition of this big day, I recommend you click here to browse a random post from the many that I have accumulated. Some will be not great, but some of them should be interesting to see either for the first time, or once again if you have been around here for a while. If you like this random post thing, then there is a link at the bottom of each post for going to another one – so no need to stop with just one, you could keep on going for half of your Sunday. And if you don’t care to do that, then look below the jump for a few shots from my first two weeks blogging.

During the course of this blog I learned how to use my DSLR and then rediscovered film which I have been learning how to shoot properly. The DSLR was a fantastic learning environment for film. I have experimented with long exposures, night photography, time-lapse, video, high magnification macro, animated gifs and other techniques. I have adapted vintage lenses to work on the camera, learned about filters, mucked around in the guts of a couple of old cameras – once or twice making them work properly as a result. I have learned a great deal about post-processing having worked my way through several software packages to where I am now. After all this time, I feel like I am becoming a photographer in the sense that I am able to frame a shot successfully more often than not, and control the camera in response to different circumstances of light and motion with fairly predictable results.

Also during the course of this blog I have become a grandfather, left a job of 20 years to create new work for myself, become an empty-nester, entered my 30th year of marriage and my 60th year of life, attended weddings and funerals and crossed other personal thresholds. It has been an eventful 3 years.


Fence Lines


I hope you are not tiring of these shots made to test two different Olympus XA2 point and shoot cameras.

 Today’s set show the graphic lines that fences seem to enjoy drawing on sunny sidewalks.

The pale area on the right of the right of the first shot is a double exposure at the end of the roll – my fault as I advanced the film and bit too firmly and tore a sprocket.

Even though accidental I think it adds to the photo.


Breezeblock Gallery Redux


I have posted the murals/graffiti from this building before, but what I had not really realised was how quickly new art appears. If you compare the previous post with this one you will see how much it has changed in the past 18 months.

This is another set of images from my test rolls of film shot in the Olympus XA2. This film and camera combination is excellent for this type of subject (though the distant shot was quite poorly exposed and needed some work to be close to useable).

Inside this building is Gallery 1580. One of this summer’s installations was called Fragments. I suspect the picture below contains fragments of Fragments, on top of the rubbish bins.

The Taco Justice food wagon blends in so well it’s hard to tell it is not part of the building.


Square Tour


These shots are the taken around Market Square while testing the Olympus XA2 and continues a series from those tests, many of which concentrate in this location. These compromise a bit of a tour of the building, much like Square Diagonals did, but without a theme of shadows or lines as in the rest of the series.

 I passed through Market Square with Melinda Green Harvey in early August. She is said to carry boulders in her camera bag to use as convenient props in her photos, like these ones. I figure the one I found loose on the third floor is hers.

While taking the shot I got laughed at by three beautiful women, traveling together as such women often seem to. I was glad to amuse them, but it did not help make the shot any better. The only reason I was taking the photo was to amuse Melinda. It seems her laughter travels well – maybe she keeps it in her camera bag  and a little bit escaped along with this rock.



Coffee Test


One thing of interest while testing the Olympus XA2 is how it handles more difficult (dim) lighting conditions.

The first two shots are taken from the Parsonage and the last is looking in the back door of a thrift store across the street.

All are converted to black and white in Lightroom.

I think the XA2 handles these situations pretty well. Another kind of film might do better though. And more skill with the scanner would not hurt either.


Blind Lines


More from the Olympus XA2 but this time along Meares Street, looking through a dirty window.

It’s the blind in a vacant office that is slumping and thus distorting the shadows from a slatted awning on the outside of the building.

I suppose you could call it a self-portrait too (but please, not a selfie).


Coffee Lines


Another shot taken while testing the Olympus XA2 – this crop is a nice complement to yesterday’s post. Below is the uncropped image.

Photo taken in Fernwood at the Parsonage Cafe, purveyors of great coffee and food.



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