Steam Cured


I thought I had missed this shot. About a year ago they were doing the steam curing of pipe linings at this same location and it was wonderfully lit. I did not have a camera with me. But, a few weeks ago, they were back at it, at the same location. This time I had a pocket film camera with me.


Bus Stop Shadows


I have tried this shot several times with my phone and on film with this camera.

I don’t think I have published any of them before, except on Instagram.


Carrier’s Station


I walked by here again the other day and a letter carrier was rummaging in this box so I took another shot. It is still in the camera so don’t know if it turned out.

This is another picture from the Olympus XA point and shoot on film from a few weeks ago.

Somehow that black bumper for an adjacent gate on the right ties this whole photo together, despite its size.





I have tried this shot before with this same camera and with the Olympus Pen (a shot that was turned on its head by the film slipping). This version does not quite get where I want to be since the man’s reflection is not quite right and View Towers in the background is blown out a bit too much, but I do like the contemplative feel. Oddly enough the man in this picture is the same one as is carrying the carpets shot a couple of months earlier. I suppose he works in the carpet store that is behind the windows on the left – do you think carpet salesmen have more than the usual amount of things to reflect upon?


Meter, Van, Reflection, Pub


Continuing with the unintentional theme of shiny vehicles, this was spotted outside Swans brew pub after a couple of pints. Maybe the beer is why I took it. I am writing this post after a couple of beer. Maybe the beer is why I am posting this shot.

But it does go with the side of the bus and the side of the trailer from the last two days. I think.


Crosswalk View


This bus dominated my view as I waited to cross the street.  The Olympus XA was wound and ready to go in my hand; without really thinking I shot this from the waist. I think the photo gives the same sense of view as the bus did on its way by.


Reflections of Jazz Fest



It was Jazz Fest a couple of weeks ago, with venues all over town. This shiny black trailer must have had musician’s gear in it; it was parked next to the musicians entrance for the Centennial Square stage.



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