Film Fest Memorial


These slumping posters in an empty office window are like a memorial to the recent Victoria Film Festival.

I took the picture because it included a Two 4 One poster, a movie that was made by a friend of mine.

More about the movie can be found here, if it comes near you, go see it.


The Emcee



The past few days have featured the bands that played at a charity show on behalf of the UVic Mental Health Awareness Club. It was called Music Matters: Stigma Shakers with proceeds going to NEED 2: Suicide Prevention Education & Support and the Victoria branch of the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society.

The show was emceed by Jon Williams a local radio station voice who also shared his experiences as a bipolar person. He did a great job of introducing speakers from the various organisations that are to benefit from the funds raised, and seemed particularly good at helping them to relax as they came onstage. It was pretty hard to keep him in focus as he paced the stage with super-abundant energy.




The excellent local band Carmanah also played the charity event that I have been showing (here, here and here). I had not heard them live before, though am familiar with their music. It was a real pleasure to see them, and they were fun to photograph too. You can find out more about Carmanah from their website (here) and their Facebook page (here).

Hawk and Steel



Today’s photos are from the same charity event as yesterday’s photos, but this time of the Victoria band Hawk and Steel. The drummer in Hawk and Steel plays bass (and drums) in the Sam Weber band featured yesterday. Victoria is a pretty close music scene as witnessed by this drummer and Sam Weber’s slide guitarist rushing off at the end of their session here to play a bar gig with yet another band, one on drums, the other on keyboards and guitar.

I had not heard Hawk and Steel before and was glad to get the chance. You can find more of them on their  Facebook page. When I was preparing this post their web page was having teething troubles over the launch of a new page , but I am sure this link will be active soon.

Fourteen Concert Photos


This is my week 14 post from and is a companion to today’s burntembers article about Sam Weber. There is no duplication of images between the two posts, though some shots are taken very close together.

Originally posted on 52 rolls:


This past week I attended a benefit concert put on to support mental health initiatives. Several bands were playing, a couple of which I already knew and really wanted to hear live. My son plays in one of those bands, so I was able to make arrangements to take photographs. I have been meaning to take band pictures on film for some time, and this was a great opportunity as the concert hall in a former church has steady lighting and a dark background to help keep the shots uncluttered. Sadly one of the sponsors put a brightly lit sign at the centre back of the stage, which ruined a few shots and needed to be avoided when I remembered to work around it. Since it is my week 14 I have included 14 shots, though this is not even 10% of those that I took on film. Other film shots are being…

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Sam Weber Band



A few days ago I went to hear Victoria singer songwriter Sam Weber and his band play a charity event because I wanted to hear them live. And because I wanted to try my hand at band photography using high-speed black and white film. My son plays in the band, so it was pretty straightforward to get a photographer’s pass for the evening. Check out the links and other photos below.

Parsnip Dweller


I found this while at the kitchen cutting board a few weeks ago.

Who knew that such things live inside parsnips?

Maybe some people do know, the same ones that don’t much like to eat parsnips.

Which would explain quite a bit about that prejudice.



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