Shadow Reflections


I like these shots, which were not made with the intention of looking at them together, but just because of the interplay of light and shadow. I guess my eye is caught when window reflections lay over the top of shadows made by light coming from a different direction. All of these shots share this effect. And recently I was looking at a timelapse video I made last year which has the same thing happen, as a surprise bonus. One of my most successful shots in this genre was posted a couple of weeks ago from Market Square – Square Lines II

One thing I learned from these photos is how much more area is caught on the film than outlined in the viewfinder of this camera – in the first two shots I thought I had cropped my own shadow out of view. I don’t mind how they came out, so have not cropped back to what I thought I was getting.

The last few weeks at Burnt Embers have been dominated almost to exclusion of all else by photographs shot on film taken with an Olympus XA2. You all may be wondering why a point and shoot film camera is all I am up to these days. …


Pull-Enter Exit-Fall

Three Wheeled Shadow


One of the nicest things about the park in my neighbourhood is that there are many toys donated for the pleasure of the younger kids.

No one steals them, though sometimes they are borrowed for a ride to the beach stairs or other activity.

Within a few hours the borrowed items are back.

This tricycle is one which my granddaughter usually tries out even though it is a bit big for her still.


Coffee Chairs


I have been back to this spot when in use, but the chairs and tables get moved around, probably taken in every night, and this is by far the nicest arrangement I have seen, with or without people.

Once again, taken with the Olympus XA2 while testing the camera – you are probably getting the idea that I took quite a few pictures with the camera during the tests and you would be right. Three rolls of 24 and not many duds. I am pretty happy with the shooting ratio in that short week of analogue photography. (more…)

Diagonal Wall


I am quite pleased with this picture which has an uncertain point of view. Not to mention a bit of corrugated iron which is pretty scarce in Victoria.

This is at the gated end of a walkway. The walkway was littered with the detritus of amorous, or perhaps commercial, encounters.

I don’t think I will be taking night shots around here.

We are looking up the wall, though to me it (mostly) looks like a flat surface ready for walking on.

This is more from the Olympus XA2, taken a few feet from the first in this series, and just above the Shelled truck.


Rack and Rows


There seems to be a bit of a trend for bike racks to be next to vents/air intakes.

Perhaps because the latter are placed in inconvenient parts of buildings and we all know that bikes that need parking are an inconvenience compared to automobiles.

This is another from the tests of an Olympus XA2 and is just across the street from the Pub Chairs of a couple of days ago. (more…)

You’ve Been Shelled



Out testing the Olympus XA2 I spotted from a stair case (the one shown in first of this series) this strange sight of a truck plastered with papers in the parking lot below. The closer I got, the stranger it was – the papers are photos of a man, at least two different views, with graffiti written in speech bubbles. These bubbles of thought include: “You’ve been shelled” which was on the larger white paper on the windshield, and on the photos “you’re beautiful”, “shel sells shel sells by the shel shore” “Your beard is majestic” “…and I was like ‘Baby baby baby cool'”, “why you gotta be so mean”, “to the window to the wall” “Aaron King of the scrappers” “Don’t stop believing” . “you are a gentleman and a scholar” “so is your son Maximilian”. There is more but the film is a bit too grainy to read them. Could this be an exhibit gone AWOL from the Ministry of Casual Living?

Like most of you guys, or even all of you (I write hopefully, not wanting to feel backwards), my pop culture knowledge is far too shallow to make sense of any of this. I am not completely without resources, and so my research department after diligent digging and with help from Head Librarian Google’s image search feature (which gets better every few months), did figure out that the photos are of Shel Silverstein. He was, until he died in 1999, “an American poet, singer-songwriter, cartoonist, screenwriter, and author of children’s books” at least according according to Wikipedia. I am enough of a cultural backwater to have never heard of him, though I have heard of some of the songs he wrote like “A Boy Named Sue”.

I admire a man that can title an album Hairy Jazz (in 1959 no less) or Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball. Not to mention to write a song called Someone Ate the Baby (Dreadful) with highly esteemed lyrics that go like this (this video has the lyrics recited as poetry, by someone that might be one of the fabulous furry freak brothers grown old, so you might want to check it out as well):



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