One Can Collaborate


This is the first in a collaboration with Melinda Green Harvey. She has posted here using these same images and some of the same words.

We have become friends through blogging; internet friends are not something I could comprehend until it started happening to me through this blog. Fortunately for me Melinda has, twice now, had work to do in Seattle and made the trip over water to Victoria for a visit. This collaboration arises from a visit she made in April when we spent a few days touring around the south end of Vancouver Island looking for things to photograph, and just looking.

Trash Can Point No Point

Our first co-post is a garbage can at the Point No Point Resort where we stayed one night. It serves as a warning to, or at least as a convenience for, our co-viewers. Some of you might want to scuttle off-stage right now and stay there for a week or two. The more tolerant might be relieved to know there is a bin handy for those of our posts worthy only of the trash.

It is a lot of fun, and very interesting to (more…)

Industrial Double Take


This is an accidental double exposure resulting from some strange camera behaviour.

I flew up to Haida Gwaii with the Canon Elan 7N camera, mid-roll, in my Pelican case. I forgot to release the vent and the case, which I bought in 1982 and is not/no longer as robust as modern ones, was sucked in at the sides. And the camera, when I looked, proclaimed a film winding error and was essentially frozen. I had to pop open the back to override the message and rewind the film. So, I (more…)

Small Portraits


This is from my recent trip to Vancouver Island’s west coast with Melinda Green Harvey, visiting from Texas.

My partner and I had a lot of fun showing her around, and doing our own thing while on the tour.

I am very pleased with how the Olympus mjuii handled this tricky situation.

Shown is my partner taking pictures of the small wooden dolls that she carves, and which lead quite public lives on her delightful blog Quimper Hittys.

You can get a sneak preview of many of the scenes that will be (more…)

On the Kwuna II

Point No Point Sunset II

Grandchild 12


Two different occasions where my granddaughter was caught on one roll of film. She is seen below with her father and a friend. She sure is proud of those running shoes.

These pictures are more from my Week 18 post Keep the Vermin Out at, which also includes the colour shots in Drain Yoga, posted a few days ago.

This little point and shoot camera seems to work pretty well for these kinds of shots, though I could do with better film.



Point No Point Sunset


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