Kid in the Hallway




When my granddaughter visited for her birthday in January, we did a nostalgic tour of some of her favourite places from when they used to live in town.

This fish pond is one of the most favourite and we spent lots of time here.

The film was colour shifted and really difficult to scan. It is probably a Kodak product as it is packaged in the USA.

However this roll bears little resemblance to the others I shot, all from the same source.


Sam Weber Band IV


This is the Sam Weber band playing last weekend.

I think the camera could not handle the 3200ISO DX coding because it was all very much underexposed.

Looks like the Olympus mjuii defaulted to 100ISO, 5 stops slower than expected. This is even though the camera is advertised to shoot up to 3200.

There are some OK pictures, very minimalist due to the loss of most of the mid tones, but overall a disappointment.

The 800ISO colour film I also used handled things much better.

I have previously taken pictures of this group on film which can be found at Sam Weber Band,  II and III.


Drain with Boy


I don’t know who this kid is but he arrived in yellow rain jacket just when I was ready to take photos.

This picture of the Ross Bay storm drain was taken with an Olympus XA2 and expired no-name film packaged in the US, and likely long expired.

I think it’s Kodak of some kind, 400 ISO colour print film.

I liked the way most of the pictures looked converted to black and white – in colour it is too grainy and the colours are difficult to extract with scanning.

The roll will eventually show up on my 2016 52 Rolls project.


Sam Weber Band III

Botanical Beach

Do you take pictures of the ground/feathers/sand grains/leaves/ice/litter and so on? All of those can be classified as dirt, according to Dirtgazer extraordinaire Melinda Green Harvey. This fine blog might cease to exist for lack of sustenance. You know, starve to death. But not if you are a Dirtgazer and want to air some of your sediment in public for others to gaze at. If that describes you, then go, nay rush, to the Dirtgazing blog, find the contact info and see if Melinda Green Harvey likes your photo enough to include it. That’s what I did, more than once.


IMG_9861-EditDirtgazing’s back!

To be honest, I was thinking of deleting it, since I hadn’t posted anything in more than a year, but then out of the blue, it got a new follower and a couple of new “likes.” I mentioned this to my blogging friend , who was then kind enough to send along this wonderful shot that he made last spring at Botanical Beach, on Vancouver Island. And the cool part is that I was there when he made it!

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Sam Weber Band II



On Saturday night we attended a benefit concert which included the Sam Weber Band which our son plays in.

I did not go to take pictures, but I did put some fast film in my pocket along with the Olympus mjuii.

As it happens that same day I learned, or re-learned, that the mjuii has a spot meter, so I thought I would try it out here.

This was shot on Lomography Colour 800, but I like it better converted to black and white.

I shot a 10 years expired roll of Ilford Delta 3200 but it’s not back from processing.

The fund-raising was for the music program in Port Renfrew, a locale which has been on my blog quite a bit lately.

I have previously taken pictures of this group on film which can be found at Sam Weber Band.


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