Keeping An Eye Open


This is yet another view from an alley that leads south off Bastion Square in Victoria.

I like the light fixtures, they seem to be keeping an eye (or two) on the place.

I had this one lined up for publication, but had to edit it since yesterday Melinda posted a different view of the same wall – the upper part with reflections.  That made me look at the reflections in this shot a bit more closely. I think the reflected shadow in the door must be from Melinda – its not me since I was holding a camera up to my face at this precise moment. Of course I did not notice, I was too focused on getting my own reflection out of the way. BTW, I like her processing better than mine, though we both did go for monotone, so must be on a similar page.


Light Well


This shot taken on Wharf Street while exploring Victoria with Melinda Green Harvey.

Wharf Street is quite high above the harbour, so the older waterfront buildings often have two or three stories below street level.




Looking up seems a bit of a theme around this blog these days (look here and here to see what I mean).

This is more from the time I spend showing Melinda around Victoria a few weeks.

Looking up is definitely a useful variation on Melinda’s motto to always look around back.


Alley Views II


Another view from an alley that leads south off Bastion Square in Victoria.

I think Melinda also took a shot of this abrupt change in masonry, and decoration.

If she did, I will find it interesting to see what she makes of it, mostly because I fear this composition does not quite work.


Sandal Critic


A scene from Wharf Street, Victoria shot from the waist while walking around with Melinda Green Harvey.

That man said something, probably rude, to the young cyclists – they seemed more amused than annoyed.

Perhaps he did not like her sandals, or the backwards cap.


Grass Island



An island of grass on Mackenzie Beach near Tofino from my trip in May.


Breakwater Relaxation


Ogden Point breakwater is a great place to contemplate the surrounding depths, or watch passersby. You can see the various charms of the breakwater in earlier posts here.

This is another shot from a couple of weekends ago when fellow blogger Melinda Green Harvey came for a visit. I highly recommend her blog (click on her highlighted name to get there).



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