Cold Fingers


I like the way light from adjacent buildings is reflected across the street.

In this case the wall has  subtle textures and that odd rectangle of different coloured paint.

As you can see I waited for a pedestrian to liven the shot up a bit. I think she has cold fingers, though with a fashion for longer sleeves, perhaps I am wrong.


Light of their Life

Figurative, by Request


I had a request for something more figurative and less abstract. So here it is.

This shop assistant kindly posed for me wearing these right angle glasses.

They were in the case with some old cameras, but we found them much more interesting than the cameras.

The glasses have mirrors in them so when you wear them you look at your feet.


Square Lines VII

Square Lines VI

Strait Rocks

West Coast of Haida Gwaii

Cape St. James

Cape St. James

As I write there is an potentially disastrous story unfolding off the west coast of Haida Gwaii. A Russian container ship, the Simushir, is drifting without power within 12 miles of the rocky shores. This has inspired me to go into my archive and show some pictures from the area. It is very close to my heart as one of the most amazing wildernesses I have every been to. I have worked on Haida Gwaii on and off since 1983, and on the west coast since the early 1990’s.

To see more of my photos from my most recent trips to Haida Gwaii follow this link.




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