West Coast of Haida Gwaii

Cape St. James

Cape St. James

As I write there is an potentially disastrous story unfolding off the west coast of Haida Gwaii. A Russian container ship, the Simushir, is drifting without power within 12 miles of the rocky shores. This has inspired me to go into my archive and show some pictures from the area. It is very close to my heart as one of the most amazing wildernesses I have every been to. I have worked on Haida Gwaii on and off since 1983, and on the west coast since the early 1990’s.

To see more of my photos from my most recent trips to Haida Gwaii follow this link.



Square Lines V


More from the Yashica 35GS, back in Market Square where I started a series  with the Olympus XA2 which has a number of posts of railing light on these same floors, though at a different time of day.

These shots are a good example of how black and white conversion can really improve a shot, in my opinion anyway.

I probably should get rid of the crumbs in the black and white – they are ok in colour, but kind of distracting on conversion.

[Edit: popular opinion rules - I have edited and replaced.]

The crop is to get rid of the arm of a croissant that the crows had not yet discovered.



Dead Slow



“Dead slow” usually is a strange phrase to me – does it describe the gait of a zombie, or one’s fate if slow or not slow?

This sign is on the gate (see what I did?) leading to a business on Quadra Island. I think in this case the meaning is quite clear.


Vortex and Shadow


On yesterday’s post of a the shadow of a bench and cyclist Benjamin Rowe left a terrific comment that the photo “is like a page of a book and I want to move down the road to see what is next”. So, today’s post is another page from just down the road. I guess it is really a few draft paragraphs from the page, because I haven’t decided which version I like best.

An earlier post titled On the Road showed only this fine example of the art of pavement repairs. I went back, because who wouldn’t?, and thought it would be fun to get a picture of it in action. So, if you feel strongly about one of these photos being notably better or worse than the others, then please feel free to let me know.


Benched Shadow

LomoChrome Test – Edits


This post has grown out of some comments (thanks Ken and Andy!) made on this week’s  series of tests of LomoChrome film. These are different edits of the LomoChrome, changing hue and black and white conversions. No one is going to shoot LomoChrome with the idea of converting to black and white, but I have done it anyway because I like the contrasty nature of the film with vegetation, or with the strong purples. The view of the building HVAC venting with muted purples does not convert to black and white as well as the others do. The hue adjustments are more interesting though, and show some of the more mild things that are possible with this film. What I have not included are any of the more extreme temperature and tint changes, some of which are quite wild with just minor adjustments.

I think there is quite a lot that can be done with these negatives if one is not satisfied with exactly how the colour turned out, though returning them to something more natural is not one of the options.


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