Ross Bay Jogger


I took this more than a year ago. I was set up trying to get a nice view of all the lines when this jogger came by.

I processed this on another computer and it looks much more stark with blown highlights on my laptop.

I have never liked my laptop display and this view just confirms it for me, as I know I did not process it to look like this.

Hopefully it looks better for you.





I am completely undecided about this photograph, sometimes I like it, more often I see a shot not quite realised.

Perhaps it needs a crop, losing the top just above the upper pair of tables.

This point of view draws my eye over and over, but I never seen to get a decent shot.

This visit made a few weeks ago while testing a camera has the tables looking like coffins, shrouded in their black tarps.


Found on Bedrock II


Autoboy 2 in Monochrome


These images were posted in colour at the 52Rolls project, but some of them I like better, or just differently, in black and white, so am posting the conversions here.

Besides which, my main computer which has most of my photo stuff on it has been in the shop for a week (my LR5 catalogue disappeared completely, along with LR5, overnight after I shut it down). I copied some stuff over to a laptop but those options are beginning to run dry – these conversions are among the last of the files I copied over. I’ve been really busy so taking new pictures has been slow as well.


Square Lines XII

Film Reels


When I went to the showing and reception for the Two 4 One film a month ago (reception photos here) I had to wait in line for a while.

Someone held  my spot so I took the opportunity to take a few shots outside. The Victoria Film Festival had set up a bus in front of the theatre with big reels decorating it as advertising.



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