Top of the Stairs II

The series that I recently ran on the spiral stairs in Beacon Hill Park started when I spotted this misty corner of the park on my way by in the car and pulled over to see if it would take to a photograph.

The mist only lasted a few more minutes after I arrived and the sun warmed up the frost.


Misty Park Morning 3.

Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Nikkor-N 24mm f-2. 8 lens, ISO100, tonemapped from three exposures taken at +/- 2 E.V.




12 thoughts on “Top of the Stairs II

  1. The mist is so fleeting but it adds so much to a photograph, even just a little bit. The second phot has some really nice curved lines that I like a lot. Nice work.


    • Thank you Ken. It can be frustratingly fleeting at times, disappearing just when everything is set up for a shot. I like that second one too, including the man and dogs which add something in this case. Everywhere I turned that morning there were dogs, hard to keep them out of my pictures.


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