Colour Building

These buildings are on a side street in the Fernwood area of Victoria. Various elements interested me, like the nearly square building front, round sign, the parking sign and more so it’s shadow, and that it is a pot-shop.

The sign shop to the left was painted a dark purple. It left me with an irresistible editing option.

A guy that I had seen sleeping on a bench at the nearby corner came and asked me the time. He was waiting for the store to open. He regaled me with a long story about how he has epilepsy, how getting medical marijuana had prevented a seizure now for 18 months, how he had been on an odyssey up island to see a doctor that would give him a certificate to buy his drugs/medicine of the type (a pink one) that means the police can’t confiscate his supply (usually the harshest punishment for possession around here). Friendly guy.

I learned something from that encounter, about cameras, though I doubt he would know that. I did not have a watch with me so I looked up the time on my camera. It was an hour wrong. So I reset the camera clock. Well actually I thought I had and needed to do so again a few blocks later – which means I finally learned how to get the clock to stay set, so that is two things learned.

The main thing I learned is don’t change your clock in the middle of a shoot. I was still taking pictures an hour later and now all of those shots sort in among the earliest ones because they have the same times. I guess I need to use file name as my primary sort for yesterday’s pictures.



Canon EOS 5Dii, Canon 50mm f1.4 lens, ISO100, f-2.2, 1/5,000th.



7 thoughts on “Colour

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  2. I like the tones and texture in this black and white. Then there are all the graphic elements in this interesting composition.
    I think there is only one State that approves of medical marijuana but I believe the benefits for certain illnesses are well known. I’d like the medical community to weigh in on the subject and perhaps apply some pressure on our conservative lawmakers.


    • I agree. It is legal in all of Canada, but the current government has been doing what they can to discourage the practice. The right to medical marijuana arises from court interpretations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which makes it hard to completely criminalize it, but they are doing their best. In no small part in response to pressure from American law enforcement and right wing pressure groups who don’t want precedents set across the border. Still, with States like Washington recently legalising possession, it can’t be that long before possession is decriminalised in Canada – it really undermines US federal pressures across the border.


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