Gonzales Solstice VII


This view from 2013 winter solstice event was taken from the NW corner of Gonzales Bay and is part of this series which now seems to span two years.

The green light in the distance is the light house on Trial Island. The bright red light that is illuminating the clouds are new and obnoxiously bright and randomly blinking warning lights on the radio towers on Trial Island, mostly hidden behind Harling Point.




Canon 5D MkII, Nikkor-N 24mm/f2.8 lens, ISO500, f5.6, 15 seconds, 5 brackets + 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 E.V, minus 1 E.V.



6 thoughts on “Gonzales Solstice VII

    • Hi Ken – the beach is too wet and the ocean too warm, so it just melts and runs away. I would have thought it might pile up at the bottom of the screen though, and it has not started doing that yet.


    • Thanks John, and welcome to my blog! It was dark – so dark I could not see most of what is in this shot at all. So the choice to process it this way was a bit of a given, though last year when the sky was clear with stars I processed them much lighter it did not seem to feel right this time around.


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