Horizon(tal) Fliptych III


This is part of the Horizon(tal) series. Generally, the series combines my exploration of Fliptychs with the stark winter water.

This shot has the mountains too, which add a bit of complexity. And the light leak adds a bit of interest as well.




Fliptychs can be found here. The horizon(tal) series can be found here. This is also another in the larger category of half-frame photos.


Olympus Pen half-frame camera, 28mm/f 3.5 lens, Rollei Superpan 200 film



4 thoughts on “Horizon(tal) Fliptych III

    • I see I put this comment in the wrong post – so am moving it: Hi Katherine – thanks. I was posting quite a few of these a few months ago before you returned to an active blogging role – that was before the Pen developed a few problems and I set it aside for the time being. You can find a bunch of them here and other places too. They are some of my favourite pictures of the past many months.


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