Union Station II



At the end of the workshop with Sam Abell each of us presented four sets of images that we had made during the class.

These sets included the first shot we took of a scene, and the best shot that we made of that scene.

This image, and the ones I have posted in the last three days are ones that I liked well enough to shortlist but in the end did not include in my final four.

Eventually I will show my final four, but there are others I would like to put up here first.

This garden is attached to the Los Angeles train station and I felt drawn to it because it was outdoors and not so intensely crowded.

I was inspired to take this shot by the foreground plants and the orange flower in particular, combined with the hedges leading to more distant layers.

So, I composed and I waited, and waited some more, and eventually passersby arranged themselves in a sufficiently interesting way.

Ideally, I would have liked another person framed in the distant doorway, but I did not have enough patience or luck to get that shot.

I did however manage to retain (just barely) an important separation between the near and distant figures on the left.

Such gaps, even very small ones, are very important to Sam’s way of seeing and composing.


Click the photograph for a larger version.





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