Happy Anniversary


Today my parents have been married for 63 years – congratulations!

Since they are fans of this subject, and because it’s been almost a month since the last storm drain photo, I mark the day with sunrise and drain.


Olympus mjuii, Fuji Superia 400, developed and scanned commercially


16 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

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    • Hi Theresa – I am glad you like the photo. It was one of those times where I made half a dozen photos rather than just one, generally being parsimonious with film. I just couldn’t stop shooting all the angles. And then I shot on my phone too.
      I hope you enjoy the book. There is quite a bit of good writing in it, but I found that everything of my own that I have had to read aloud recently has needed to be edited prior to the readings. I guess I should get in the habit of speaking my writing aloud before signing off on it. But the information is interesting, and some of it should mesh very well with your interests in ethnobotany and the like.

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      • Ha! I lost that “translation” but maybe it will show up again one day – it would be interesting to see it again. And you remember more than I do because I had no clue about the Paul Celan part – even then. I was asked by my creative writing prof and I had to go back to the stacks and find the book of poems through geographic memory – a useful skill for an archaeologist, but not remembering words well is still a fault I have to work around.
        Writing has fallen away from me I am afraid. 40+ years of writing technical reports and 20 years of gov’t memos did nothing to help. The idea of writing for pleasure after a day of “writing” for work just did not occur to me. Kind of like with photography – when I was shooting dozens of images a day on archaeology projects, making photos for pleasure just did not happen. Anyway, I think you will find the writing understandable if a bit awkward (“AWK” as one of my teachers would declare in red on my essays).

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