Instagram Experiment

I shared a poor quality phone shot of this Polaroid before on Instagram. It is from a Polaroid Spectra 2 on original film more than 10 years expired. It came out of the camera without an image so I forced the chemicals out of the pouch with my fingers.

This is also an experiment with a WordPress applet to see how it comes across in my blog

EDIT: So, that didn’t work how I expected – it put the Instagram text as a title, not as text. Maybe there is another applet that would work better, though this is in fact WordPress’s very own one. Perhaps the answer is to create a draft post and edit it before publishing, though that defeats the purpose to a large degree.


11 thoughts on “Instagram Experiment

  1. I’m automatically posting on Twitter, also. I also have low expectations there. The only people who see my twitter posts and “heart” them, have mostly already “liked” the same post on WP. I understand your need to try to automate the posting process!

    As to the Polaroid experiment, I think it is really successful. It reminds me of a microscope slide before it is in the microscope.

    Hope you are well Mr E!


    • Thanks Jane! I’m looking for a way to have selected photos from Instagram post to WP automatically. That looks impossible for a decent looking post but I can get them to post to WP as a draft and edit from there. It isn’t automatic which is not really what is wanted, but is a lot cleaner than the way this one came through before I edited it. I’m still working on applet options through IFTTT. One of them works OK but triggers a tweet from WP about the draft which is no good. Not sure if there is a fix for that problem – I’m waiting for a response from IFTTT.

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      • Oh…hmm.. I only post to IG separately from WP. Considering the image quality (or lack thereof) on IG, wondering why you want to use IG as a starting point? Just curious and wanting to learn.

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      • Well, it’s only sometimes, but I hoped to save some posting time. I am finding posting every day on WP to be a strain, and some of my IG posts could be useful as WP posts – I rarely post the same images, though on IG quite a few were posted in WP, but several years ago. Just trying to be a bit more efficient I guess.

        I do send both my WP posts and most of my IG posts to Twitter – that is all that I really use Twitter for and I am not sure why as there seems quite low interest in that part of the internet.

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      • Also, I almost always post at 1024 pixels on long side and I don’t see much difference with what is coming back from IG (the applet has a setting to send it at 1024).

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