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Coho Ascending

Coho Blue Bell


When we returned from Portland in October, the weather on the crossing, and for the whole drive north, was very wet and unpleasant.

Even so, the MV Coho ferry offered up an interesting if minimalist view through the front window.

Including bright rain gear, the ship’s bell and little else.



Coho Canine


My Coho ferry series continues with a photograph taken as we neared Port Angeles a few weeks ago.

This little dog did not seem to mind being tied up.

There was often someone with it though I don’t know if they were the owner.

BC Ferries doesn’t allow dogs on the passenger deck (at least not on the runs I have been on) so it is a bit odd for me to see dogs on the outer decks.

I think the difference is that the Strait of Juan de Fuca crossing can get very rough with Pacific swell from the beam.

Thus on Black Ball’s Coho run to Port Angeles passengers are not allowed on the car deck while underway.

Logical conclusion -> dogs must be passengers.



Coho Shadow


Another photo in the Coho ferry series, but this trip was to Portland, while much of the series is from a couple of years ago.

Strong shadows seem very common on the ferry when I take it – must be lucky with the weather.



Coho View


This is not what I was planning for this image. But when I opened the software, I was resented with something like this because of the last used setting. A few adjustments and this is where I ended up, and I quite like it.

It is the view from the ferry, part of my Coho series, taken on the way to Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula in July.


Coho Handrail

IMG_2699 inverted

Another photo in the Coho ferry series, taken on the way to Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula last July.

The last time I posted about the Coho it was a set of heavily processed images, this time the image is straight from the camera, other than a bit of sharpening done as a preset on all my RAW images on upload as well as a lens profile correction preset which for this lens removes some vignetting.


Coho Mast Edits

IMG_2695-Edit-2 quad tone redscale I dynamic

More photos from the Coho Ferry, taken on the way to Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula in July.

Today I show a variety of edits made using Topaz B&W Effects software, just to give a sense of a few, very few, of the preset edits possible. I use the Topaz software as a plugin to Lightroom 4. One example in the gallery is the original image, unmodified. Another example is a black and white conversion done only in LR4. The remainder are made using various presets in B&W Effects, and most then have two dust spots cloned out in LR4 as I forgot to do this in original before exporting to Topaz.

I have used this software a bit over the past month or so, and other examples of edits made with one or another of these presets can be found here and here and here, all of which I think are very successful conversions.


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