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Gowgaia Sunset

Beach Detritus

Grey Tracks

Gum Boot


Cryptochiton stelleri, otherwise know as the gumboot chiton due it being the size of the sole of a large boot – over a foot long.

And one wears gumboots on the beach, so that’s probably why it wasn’t called the hiking boot chiton, or the brogue chiton.

Or even the croc chiton, which would be kind of appropriate.

Except a pair of gumboot chitons worn in the mall would have more cachet than a pair of crocs.


Sleep Over

Albatrosses and Humpbacks

Humpback passing to seaward. Japan in the distance.


More film from my summer backlog, this time from my trip to Gwaii Haanas in June and July. These shots are on our support vessel and around and about the place. We were mostly on the west side but were chased around to the east side by the weather and worked there too.  The rest of this roll is as part of my 52Rolls project and published simultaneously to this one as Haida Gwaii Seascapes over there (at this link).

On the west side, each time we got out of the inlets and bays to move to the next one, we saw dozens of humpback whales – mostly breaching along the horizon in the distance, but also passing near to our vessel from time to time. We also saw albatrosses, one at a time, circling near the boat. And there were puffins. To have a pelagic environment so close to shore is rare and special – I am thrilled when I can be there, especially in relatively calm seas and beautiful weather.


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