Makituk Pingwartuk – Man


Makituk_Man (17)

At nearly 2 feet, this man is the largest of Inuit artist Makituk Pingwartuk’s ceramic sculptures that are in my wife’s family collection. The man appears to be singing and this suggests a story of some kind that probably we will never know.

It is similar, though much larger, to an unglazed sculpture (possibly a woman?) found in the Inuit Art Work Database – this link takes you to a Quicktime 3D image of that work which you can rotate with your mouse but you will need the plugin enabled in your browser.

This piece is not be signed, that I can discover.

  • Height (head to toe) – 21” (~53 cm)
  • Width (shoulder to shoulder) – 71/2” (~19 cm)
  • Thickness (front to back)  – 6” (~15 cm)

This is the last in a series that details the collection made while my wife’s family lived in Nelson and were friends with Makituk who was attending the Kootenay School of Art. More information about Makituk and this collection can be found in my initial post in this series, at this link. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these pieces and learning about Makituk and her role in the development of Inuit ceramic art.

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Makituk_Man (2)


Makituk_Man (19)


Makituk_Man (20)



For larger views open gallery below by clicking anywhere in it and navigate with arrows.




All images in this post and series are copyrighted and may not be used without permission except by Makituk’s family members, though we would love to hear from any family that choose to contact us (contact:


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