My Surroundings

This page is a guide to the main categories that I use to organise posts about my surroundings. This is not a mutually exclusive classification – some posts will show up in several categories. This page is updated as needed.

You can click on the link at the beginning of each category below, or select it from the tab under the banner of this blog.

Table refers to the kitchen table which is a centre of activity in my surroundings. It also serves as the dining room table, work bench, storage surface, display shelf, and doll playground, to name a few. On it are found all kinds of interesting things and some of them get photographed, often as a close-up. It is next to a large window (french doors actually), with another window not too far away and thus has the best light for all the things that occur there, including photography.

Indoors is about things that occur in the rest of the house but are not on the kitchen table because they are too big (the piano springs to mind) or not allowed (the cat) or just are not.

Garden concerns my garden, the patio, even the carport or sometimes a neighbour’s garden we might be looking after while they are on holidays, and sometimes something spotted in a park or elsewhere that would be nice if it were in my garden.

Cat is pictures of Her, and sometimes other posts in which Her opinion has been made known.

Harling Point is my neighbourhood and this category includes posts about about and that show more distant views of Harling Point.

Victoria really means Greater Victoria and includes posts that occur in all the municipalities in the surrounding area.

Macro shots are just what they sound like – close-ups that I have taken.

Built or architecture is for posts about a building, or some street furniture, or a design feature in a yard like a fence – it really means “built environment”.

Indigenous People includes posts about First Nations and Inuit: culture, objects, archaeology that somehow overlap with my surroundings.


2 thoughts on “My Surroundings

  1. The hegemonic ‘mix’ at Harling Point is a wonderful testament to place and time. The Sahsima cairn there is a thrill, as is the knowledge that others (you) also enjoy. Regards


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