Pumphouse Door



Another from my first roll through an Olympus mju, or Olympus Stylus (not the mjuii or Stylus Epic that I use all the time).

Most of my first roll was shot in my parents garden, including a few shots around the red pump house.

Still called that even though the pump was removed decades ago.



Olympus mju, Agfa Vista 200, commercially processed, scanned at home


18 thoughts on “Pumphouse Door

    • I can’t believe it was more than a year ago that you were here. Some colours of paint weather to beautiful tones. I wish I had looked into that when painting my house which has gone from a rich ochre yellow to a pale and ugly pastel.


      • Paint companies ought to provide samples of the colors after they’ve weathered, to help customers make informed decisions! (But then they’d be admitting the colors fade, and I guess they’d rather not get into that.)


      • I seem to recall that a selling point for this paint (and it is the most expensive paint available in this town) was that it somehow created a chalky surface that when washed would uncover the original colour and thus it would last longer. I don’t remember the details because washing the outside of my house is just not something I ever do, except in preparation for painting. Lousy marketing idea, that is pretty much for sure.


      • I am not particularly fond of cleaning the INSIDE of my house, so there’s pretty much no change I’m going to wash the outside!

        And, I’m not a paint chemist (or, really, any kind of chemist), but that whole uncover-the-original-color thing sounds like a complete load of BS to me….

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      • Hooey, complete hooey, that is what it is. I should have realised that rapid fading was a problem since they felt they needed to make up a story when selling the product.


  1. great photo. Love the colors. We have a horsehoe nailed to one of our barns. A neighbor told me it was turned like that to hold the good luck .


    • Thanks Sherry -I did not know that story about horseshoes, but you see them around quite a bit and as far as I recall, they are always this way up.


    • Thanks Ashoke. I am not sure I would call it a “find” since I grew up with it. But I know what you mean. I had not used Agfa Vista before, and can’t get it locally. My sister lives in the UK and brought me a bunch of it when she came to visit – bought at Poundland for a pound a roll which is a great deal. I find it really easy to scan.


  2. Great photo! BTW, that horseshoe came from Aylard’s Farm on Wain Road in North Saanich — I found a few of them in about 1971 and brought them back in the basket of my bicycle. It was from a big farm horse and, judging from the bottles in what was an industrial farm dump, dates from between 1920 and 1940.


    • I am surprised they would just have thrown away all that good metal in those days. Maybe their horse died or they switched entirely to tractors and had no use for the metal anymore.


  3. The weathering of the paintwork over some 50 years has produced a range of soft colours, quite beautiful in their way


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