SGang Gwaay XXI


I am back off to this special place until the end of February. Wish me good weather!

These photos from November 2018, above is looking to the north, below to the south south.


SGang Gwaay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on an island on the south-west side of Gwaii Haanas


If you don’t know where SGang Gwaay is, check out this map (here)  and if you use the “street view” yellow person icon you can take a virtual tour along the trail through the village.

To see larger versions of the images in the gallery, click on any image and navigate to others by swiping or clicking the arrows.

Click the SGang Gwaay tag at the bottom of this post (or just click here) to see many more images taken during numerous visits while working in Gwaii Haanas.





5 thoughts on “SGang Gwaay XXI

  1. Really???!!! At this time of year? If the weather’s anything like what we’ve been getting down here, it’s not going to be pretty. But I’m sure it will be interesting, and I look forward to hearing about it. As they say above, have a successful expedition, you lucky bastard. 😉


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