Macro Wasp


Yet more shots from the bellows macro, this time of a wasp, also found around the house – it came in with fire wood; I volunteered it to be in my photographs.

The wasp had been in the freezer just before I photographed it, hence a bit of frost in some of the photos.



All shots are brackets taken at the maximum magnification of 5x and processed in Photomatix using exposure fusion settings.


To open the gallery view click on any image below, navigate with the arrows and escape to return to this page.


Canon 5Dii, Canon FD 50mm f3.5 Macro Lens reversed with a Canon Macrophoto Coupler FL and mounted on a Canon FL Bellows with a Canon Life Size Adapter. All macro images ISO100,  merged from 3 brackets each, variously at +/- 2.0 E.V.



18 thoughts on “Macro Wasp

    • Thanks Milton. They look so different in detail. I wonder what the purpose of all those hairs are – if they are sensory, display of some kind, or just there.


    • It is fun! I would have used a fly if I had one. This time of year insects are in pretty short supply, unless one has a collection.
      The American dollar bill is a classic subject and works well since so much of the world has seen one, and it changes so little (I see it as a real symbol of the essential conservatism at the root of American culture) – all in all a worthy subject. Canadian paper money is always changing, right now it is converting to plastic from paper, and the smallest bill is $5. Thus, a shot of a detail from a bill would not ring any familiar bells with most people, including Canadians. I did take some pictures of a 1943 British thruppence that is lying around the house (in fact, on the computer desk for the last few weeks for some unknown reason). But that reminds me, I should take a shot of the little hologram on a credit card. The holidays are coming to an end, and probably my close up photography will be quite intermittent. I find that it takes a huge amount of time. Each of these three posts has probably taken 4 or 5 hours in total for shooting and processing images. I really should be putting that much effort into some of my landscape shots!


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