Conferencing IV

Victoria Alley

Reg Davidson at YVR

There are three pieces of art by Reg Davidson near to the Freedom to Move sculpture in the Vancouver International Airport that I wrote about a few days ago, is

Reg Davidson is a Haida artist and these three pieces all center around the legendary trickster Raven.

Once again the fisheye lens distorts the installation, but allowed me to get the larger pieces into the photo, and close enough to eliminate most of the people.

I took these images on my way south to (more…)

Eccentric Roundhouse II

Lomo Owl

Elevated on Pebbles

Another of from the first (and so far only) test roll through a Yashica T4.

I was interested in the use of pebbles to hold the reinforcing mesh at the desired elevation.

And the contrast between the steel grid and the obviously soft wrinkled and heavily weathered geotextile.

It looks as if this location at the University of Victoria had been waiting for concrete for some time.


Freshly Painted


From a parking lot in Esquimalt.

I have no idea what the store is, I got too interested in the red, and the black railing with shadow.

The street view shows the building as an auto and marine parts store.

But the bricks were white and the awning red so perhaps it is under new ownership since then.


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