Rain, Palm, Art Deco

Cemetery Path

After Class


After shooting at the Los Angeles Union Station during the photography workshop the students and teacher gathered at the station bar for a drink before supper.

Our instructor Sam Abell is seen here with an exhibition catalog, surrounded by my classmates.

A minute or three before this a server passed along the main concourse beside this area with a martini on a tray and I made my best photo from the station at the moment we were winding down after hours of intense photography.

Street Art, LA

Esquimalt: Around The Back II


A couple of months ago I had a short layover in Esquimalt on my way up island.

I took my camera around back of various buildings, in case there were interesting things to see.

Or, as in this case, somewhat boring things.


Santa Monica Pier Photography


This is another view of the photographer on the Santa Monica pier that I previously showed from the side (here).

This is not as interesting a photograph as the other, but at least you can see what she was photographing so intently.


Observatory Test

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