Trafalgar Deco



The view from the parking area at the lookout in Trafalgar Park.

Looks like I got my hand, or sleeve, in the lower corner.



Gingerbread Houses


Another shot from Christmas.

This was, I barely need to say, gingerbread house making, with the neighbour’s kid outside our back window, and her mother and the Queen watching from inside.

The combination of grunge on the window, film grain and the shallow depth of field makes for a lovely out of focus background.


In the Spotlight


Locked Passage

Easter Island Portrait


This is another shot from the Yashica 44, actually it is two shots.

I obviously forgot to wind on after the first picture, and there are no safeguards against double exposures.

The first shot was a still life of a silly Easter Island head replica that serves as a tissue dispenser.

The second shot is my mother on one of our outings.

I like the double exposure, though would have preferred two separate images.


HVAC with Crane

This is another shot from the Yashica 44 on 127 Film Day.

A corner of the crane that was being used to install the new bridge span is peeking out from behind the wall.

I was disappointed to find that they had painted these pipes.

The last time I photographed them (see here) they were wonderfully shiny and would have worked very well in black and white on this gloomy day.



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