Street Figs

Figs on the street somewhere in Aix en Provence.


Olympus XA, Agfa Vista 200


Sandcut Creek

Sandcut Creek, near Jordan River, has a waterfall onto the beach which is nearly dry in this hot spell. But it made for a satisfying photo last weekend.

Outings with my Granddaughter


Every few weeks we are visited by our granddaughter and her family.

They stayed last weekend and one of the things we got up to was a visit to the local park with her dad.

And of course I had my camera, so here are a couple of shots from that outing.

I am especially pleased with the first one.

I am off on a work trip and holiday for a few weeks and have no idea if I will be able to post during that time.

Probably some photos will show up on Instagram, but I am only taking film cameras with me (not counting my aging phone) so I won’t have results till I get home.


Outings with my Mother


I have regular outings with my mother, almost always on the Saanich Peninsula since that is where she lives.

This spring we have been several times to St. Stephens churchyard in the Mt. Newton valley.

We keep on going back because the flowers have changed every week or two – they are mix of traditional English and local native species.

Two weeks ago when the picture above was taken, the local Fawn Lillies (see below) were in abundance.

A few weeks earlier it was crocuses.

Yesterday when we made our most recent visit it was bluebells and daisies (and lizards!).

All these pictures taken while testing a new-t0-me Mamiya C330 Pro F wearing a Mamiya-Sekor 80/2.8 lens.


Combined Triptych

Click for larger version


I posted one of these frames a month or two ago (here).

But I did have in mind when shooting that I might scan some of the frames I shot as a single image, as I often do with the half-frame Olympus Pen.

This image combines two favourite subjects, my mother and the storm drain, along with a favourite camera.

I took this shot mid-February on one of those really nice days that are also a bit crisp.

It took some effort to get to the storm drain and I did not want to leave her alone for too long, so there was no time for the careful composition these multiple frames normally require.

Still, it came out alright.

There is one more image which might show up combined with one of these as a diptych.


Found Gem II

Front or Back

Around back in Masset, Haida Gwaii.

It actually is the front too since this was taken from the entrance to the motel I was staying at a while back.

The front side on the inlet has no door.

Which shows my confusion regarding defining criteria for front and back.

This is another experiment trying to work out how to make a post via Instagram with the least amount of work.

This time around, for no reason I can decipher, there is no image placed in my Media Library in WordPress, so I can’t set a featured image.

Which might mean that the email notifications and Reader summaries won’t have an image.

When this publishes, I will know!



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