Minox Mountain


Another shot from the Minox 35GT, one of the few that I got off the disastrous roll.

Mt. Baker was as clearly visible as ever it is from my neighbourhood, though a wide-angle lens doesn’t do it justice.



Minox Fail


My latest roll through the Minox 35GT went south pretty thoroughly.

The first dozen frames or so stacked up in the space of three or four frames, with multiple exposures.

Then it started advancing properly, but it turned out that the shutter was firing only every three or four images, so the rest of the roll was mostly blank.

Even so, these multiple exposures are kind of interesting.

These were taken at same time as the Yashica 44 pictures of the crane readying to install the span in the new bridge that I have shown recently, followed by a beer in a nearby pub, so they have layered the afternoon of photography.


Yashica 44 Test Second Roll

Yashica 44 Test Part 2


These are the rest of the images from my first roll through the Yashica 44.

As I explained yesterday (here) I did not load the film correctly, hence the scratch on many images – the second roll was loaded correctly and has no scratches.

The first shot above is an unintentional double, a risk that is always present with this camera as it has no lock if a frame has been exposed.


Yashica 44 Test


These images are from my first roll through the Yashica 44 – I did not load the film correctly, hence the scratch on many images.

This house looks across the street to the storm drain and I have photographed it a few times.

This time I was drawn to it because of the light hitting the mantelpiece inside the window – see crop below for detail.

Other shots are from around town.


Trafalgar Deco

Gingerbread Houses


Another shot from Christmas.

This was, I barely need to say, gingerbread house making, with the neighbour’s kid outside our back window, and her mother and the Queen watching from inside.

The combination of grunge on the window, film grain and the shallow depth of field makes for a lovely out of focus background.


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