Freshly Painted


From a parking lot in Esquimalt.

I have no idea what the store is, I got too interested in the red, and the black railing with shadow.

The street view shows the building as an auto and marine parts store.

But the bricks were white and the awning red so perhaps it is under new ownership since then.


Testing a Canon Sure Shot ES Date



I found a Canon Sure Shot ES Date in a thrift store. I had not seen one before, and a quick search of the internet before purchase revealed no information at all. But for $2, what did I have to lose? Further research drew a lot of blanks until I clued in that this is a rebadge of a better known Sure Shot model.


Steve Smith ~ Dla’kwagila at YVR

This fantastic cedar sculpture, Freedom to Move, is in the Vancouver International Airport.

It was made by Kwakwaka’wakw artist Steve Smith ~ Dla’kwagila

The fisheye lens distorts the installation, but it did allow me to get close enough to eliminate most of the people.

I took these images on my way south to (more…)

House Plant

This palm seems a bit like a house plant.

I think I prefer the colour version over the black and white conversion below; it seems more like night time.

This is even though the WordPress compression has messed up parts of the colour (as it did yesterday too).



Why Does This Even Exist?


When I saw this large as life creation that now lounges in a second-hand store in Esquimalt all I could think was Why?.

Why would someone make it in the first place?

And a lot of related why? questions to go with that one.

The questions do make for a moderately interesting photograph, so I won’t complain.


Night View


This image was made in early February outside my front door.

The shutter was very slow – probably around 1/2 second or slower which explains the lack of focus since it was handheld.

But even though blurry, I still like it.

This view normally is impossible to shoot due to the houses in the background.

Perhaps it can be done without snow, especially now (more…)

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