Pinhole Graffitti

This is a Polaroid pinhole made with homemade camera using Fuji FP100c on #expiredfilmday. The graffiti is on a building that is repainted with street art every few weeks as far as I can tell. F327 at about 30 seconds.

This is also another experiment with applets to send images from Instagram to a WordPress post. This applet is more functional than WordPress’s – it allows for a blank title, more control over content and content order, and can be sent as a draft. Which means I can clean it up before I publish it, and there is less clean up than with the other one. None of these applets seem to allow Instagram posts to be forwarded if that post has multiple images, so I have added another image below. And, the real fly in the ointment is that if you have a Twitter publicize enabled, then it sends the draft post to Twitter where obviously the links won’t work, and it is a draft. So that may kill the whole idea of using material from Instagram as the basis for some of my WordPress blogs.



Instagram Experiment

I shared a poor quality phone shot of this Polaroid before on Instagram. It is from a Polaroid Spectra 2 on original film more than 10 years expired. It came out of the camera without an image so I forced the chemicals out of the pouch with my fingers.

This is also an experiment with a WordPress applet to see how it comes across in my blog

EDIT: So, that didn’t work how I expected – it put the Instagram text as a title, not as text. Maybe there is another applet that would work better, though this is in fact WordPress’s very own one. Perhaps the answer is to create a draft post and edit it before publishing, though that defeats the purpose to a large degree.

From the Porch


View from the porch of St. Stephen’s church – a small heritage church in the Mt. Newton Valley.

The shot below is from a failed roll of expired film, so I am glad that I got the one above.

I had a rotten bout of flu which knocked this blog off its daily regime for the first time in well over six years.

I am not sure it will return to a daily diet of photos now that the spell has been broken, but I won’t go away completely.

And my Instagram account will remain active as well.


Welcome to Church

Railing Fliptych

Expired Film Day pt. 2


As mentioned yesterday, it was expired film day last Sunday and I was shooting Instant film.

These images were made with a Polaroid Spectra 2 and Polaroid Spectra Image film that expired in 2007.

You can see that the sheets were beginning to dry out and there was not enough chemistry to cover the image area, or to develop colour properly.

But I kind of like the way it came out, and the serendipitous match between image outlines and image subjects.



Expired Film Day pt. 1


It was expired film day on Sunday.

I chose to celebrate it by shooting instant film.

In this instance it is Fuji FP100c shot in a homemade pinhole with Polaroid back.

The colours shift a bit with the long exposures – these varied between 15 and 30 seconds, though most were 30 seconds.

You can read about the camera in sickening detail at this link.

More shots to follow from a Spectra 2 when I get a chance to scan them.

Sorry I did not dust these images – too busy right now.




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