Expired Film Day pt. 1


It was expired film day on Sunday.

I chose to celebrate it by shooting instant film.

In this instance it is Fuji FP100c shot in a homemade pinhole with Polaroid back.

The colours shift a bit with the long exposures – these varied between 15 and 30 seconds, though most were 30 seconds.

You can read about the camera in sickening detail at this link.

More shots to follow from a Spectra 2 when I get a chance to scan them.

Sorry I did not dust these images – too busy right now.





Interior Details



Details from inside St. Stephen’s church in the Mt. Newton Valley.

The church website says “St. Stephen’s Church is the oldest church in British Columbia used continuously as a place of worship since its construction” in 1862.


Grave Offerings



The newer part of the St. Stephen’s church cemetery in the Mt. Newton Valley has an unexpected collection of grave offerings as these photos show.

I think that they accumulate in part because the church is remote and not subject to vandalism and theft.


View from the Church Yard

Through a Church Window

The Can

Fuji Fail


This roll of film was given to me recently – of unknown age and storage, though unlikely to be older than about 2005.

I have never had a Fuji product this badly degraded, though Kodak has offered up a few rolls.

Scanning such thin negatives is a pain as the histogram is skinny narrow spike to one side.

Still, I quite like the effect of some of these images, even if a couple of shots that I had hoped might turn out were a bust.

I see no point in dust removal on these images, in fact the dust adds a welcome patina.


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