Bright Skies

SGang Gwaay II


A mortuary pole at SGang Gwaay, visited while touring on the Passing Cloud.

SGang Gwaay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the south west side of Gwaii Haanas (map link).

If you want to know more about SGang Gwaay I have written about it in several posts (link) from previous visits.




Risso’s II

All Alone



While on the Passing Cloud in Gwaii Haanas one of the passengers had to leave unexpectedly mid-way through the tour.

She departed alone, leaving her travel companion on board to finish the tour.

Here she is being delivered to the float plane in Juan Perez Sound.

To the left is All Alone Stone, an isolated peak rising from the seafloor.


Narrows Sunset

De La Beche IV

De La Beche III


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