SGang Gwaay XIV

SGang Gwaay XIII

SGang Gwaay XII

SGang Gwaay XI

This photo is taken while at SGang Gwaay for a month monitoring construction of new, and replacement of old, boardwalks needed to help accommodate ever increasing numbers of visitors.

An advantage to working here when the site is closed is that (more…)

2018 On Film

Poppies, Olympus XA, expired film.

Happy New Year everyone – I am sure you are a bit surprised to see me posting in this blog, since it has been half a year since I last published. In the missing half year I have been in the field four times, including totally off grid for about two months, and super busy when back at home with data analysis, report writing and so on. Some people call me “retired”, I am not sure why.

I thought I would post some of my favourite photos shot on film – I still have a few rolls not scanned, or in cameras, so this is not really complete. And fieldwork was nuts this year and I barely shot any film while in the field, so there is nothing from those expeditions here (there might be something forthcoming from the unscanned rolls, and I might also do a selection of digital shots from 2018 at some point). (more…)

Street Figs

Sandcut Creek

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