Flower Pot Island

Avian Drama


When visiting T’anuu while travelling with the Passing Cloud we witnessed the harassment of an eagle by oyster catchers.

The Haida watchman told us that a few days before the eagle had killed and eaten an oyster catcher on this same beach and ever since the others would not leave the eagle alone, repeatedly dive bombing with a lot of noise.

T’anuu Llnagaay (or Tanu under English spelling) is a village on Tanu Island in Gwaii Haanas.

It has many Haida house frames and features preserved from the 1800s and is an important tourist destination in the area.

It was a bonus to be shown a bit of nature’s drama at the same time.


Heater Harbour

Hotsprings Are Back


While travelling on the Passing Cloud we stopped at Hotsprings Island.

The hot springs were turned off by an earthquake a few years ago, but in the last year have started to flow again.

New pools have been built to capture the new flow which has moved.


Thurston Harbour

Bag Harbour

Woodruff Bay


More from my recent two weeks aboard the schooner Passing Cloudwhich is faintly visible in the distance, along with her tender that had just dropped us off.

This photo, one of my favourites from the trip, is in Woodruff Bay on the south end of Kunghit Island in Gwaii Haanas.


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