Glass Stacks


This shot also harkens back to the photo workshop I took in Los Angeles.

In the spring I posted another shot from this cafe (here) looking in the other direction.

I like the stacks of glasses in this server’s arms.



Now We Are Six


Today’s image is of photographer Sam Abell instructing the workshop that I attended in February at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

The trip was an important step in learning to be a photographer.

And going to the workshop was a direct result of this blog, and thus a good picture for a birthday.

And a birthday it is – Burnt Embers turns six today!

There have been 2300 posts and more than a quarter million views.

Best of all are the nearly 18,000 comments and 1700 followers.

Thanks to all of you that keep me going on this unexpected journey.


Drain Race

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Haida Heritage Centre

Raised Beach


I was working on Quadra Island in August, including excavations on these remnant terraces that were formed during the early Holocene.

Click on the image for a larger view – you should be able to see someone working the screen near the middle of the shot.

We hope that the archaeological deposits we found will prove as old as these raised beaches are.

One day a raven came and chatted to us for about 20 minutes.

The conversation was captured on video with high quality audio – as it happens we were being filmed at the time.

You can hear a short digest of that conversation at this link.



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