Summer Revisited


This shot is from a walk I took with my mother and sister at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific last summer.



Inside and Out

These views are of a mausoleum in Ross Bay Cemetery last summer.

Sorry that the upper one is a bit fuzzy – it was dark in there.


Kayak Shed

The Queen and the Flaming Pudding

Christmas in Motion


I forgot I was shooting in manual mode, and made these unintentional Christmas abstracts, which just came back from processing.

The tree shot is a classic.

The opening of (yet another) unicorn stuffy was a highlight of the morning so I was disappointed to miss the shot.


Square Crane II

Square Crane


This is another shot from the Yashica 44 on 127 Film Day.

The Johnson Street bridge is being replaced and this crane was brought in to lift into place the middle span which weighs something like 480 tons.

The crane can lift nearly twice that, so there was no doubt about its capacity, but the lift was delayed by a day due to wind.

Thus, I did not get any shots of the span being lifted from its barge and put in place.

Scanning masks for 127 film are hard to come by so I had to jury-rig something.

It needs some work as you can see from the two sides of this image.

Even so, I’m very pleased with the lens in this camera – see the crop from this image below.


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