From the Porch


View from the porch of St. Stephen’s church – a small heritage church in the Mt. Newton Valley.

The shot below is from a failed roll of expired film, so I am glad that I got the one above.

I had a rotten bout of flu which knocked this blog off its daily regime for the first time in well over six years.

I am not sure it will return to a daily diet of photos now that the spell has been broken, but I won’t go away completely.

And my Instagram account will remain active as well.



Welcome to Church

Railing Fliptych

Expired Film Day pt. 2


As mentioned yesterday, it was expired film day last Sunday and I was shooting Instant film.

These images were made with a Polaroid Spectra 2 and Polaroid Spectra Image film that expired in 2007.

You can see that the sheets were beginning to dry out and there was not enough chemistry to cover the image area, or to develop colour properly.

But I kind of like the way it came out, and the serendipitous match between image outlines and image subjects.



Expired Film Day pt. 1


It was expired film day on Sunday.

I chose to celebrate it by shooting instant film.

In this instance it is Fuji FP100c shot in a homemade pinhole with Polaroid back.

The colours shift a bit with the long exposures – these varied between 15 and 30 seconds, though most were 30 seconds.

You can read about the camera in sickening detail at this link.

More shots to follow from a Spectra 2 when I get a chance to scan them.

Sorry I did not dust these images – too busy right now.




Interior Details

Grave Offerings



The newer part of the St. Stephen’s church cemetery in the Mt. Newton Valley has an unexpected collection of grave offerings as these photos show.

I think that they accumulate in part because the church is remote and not subject to vandalism and theft.


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