SGang Gwaay XI

This photo is taken while at SGang Gwaay for a month monitoring construction of new, and replacement of old, boardwalks needed to help accommodate ever increasing numbers of visitors.

An advantage to working here when the site is closed is that one is able to walk through normally inaccessible parts of the village, and enabled me to take photos from angles not usually possible.

These are mortuary and memorial poles along the front of the UNESCO World Heritage Site photographed mid-November last year.

The village is on an island on the south-west side of Gwaii Haanas

If you don’t know where SGang Gwaay is, check out this map (here)  and if you use the “street view” yellow person icon you can take a virtual tour along the trail through the village.

Click the SGang Gwaay tag at the bottom of this post (or just click here) to see many more images taken during many visits while working in Gwaii Haanas.





4 thoughts on “SGang Gwaay XI

    • Hi Lynn – thank you. I had not considered the respect aspect of these images, at least no consciously. I like them better like this than filled with tourists in brightly coloured gortex.


    • Thank you Joseph. It was great light and a bit misty. The tones have been darkened by the WP compression (even though I make the images the size that they are viewed at, I find that most of my images are made much more contrasty than I intended). Even so, they have withstood the mangling OK.


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