Lomo Storm Drain


This storm drain photo was taken while camera swapping with Earle a few weeks ago.

I had a request for a change from sterile airport shots and specifically a storm drain shot, which seems like an excellent idea.




Lomo LC-A+ with Russian glass lens, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 expired 2007.




18 thoughts on “Lomo Storm Drain

    • Hi Lynn – the vignette is from the lens and likely a wide open aperture (I don’t remember for sure though the light levels were pretty low). The camera has a pretty funky lens that is a Russian copy of a poor east German copy of a good West German lens. They are notoriously awful. This one has some weird out of focus patches across the image, especially when focused close.


      • I was exploring how it worked. Earle, whose camera it is, warned me about the lens and was with me when I put two rolls of film through it. But I needed to see the results to have any idea at all how to use it. Which exposes the too-often-true fact that I fly by the seat of my pants a lot when it comes to making pictures.


    • Ha! A storm drain book has been suggested. But the big question would be is there a market for more than half a dozen (I have 4 siblings, 2 parents, 3 kids so if some of them bought it, I might get to 6. Except they would expect freebies).


      • “Bought it” – that’s funny!

        The books I’ve done on Blurb always look good, but they are so expensive that I’m practically embarrassed to sell them at a price that’ll just cover my costs.

        But still, when you do your storm drain book, I’ll buy one.

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      • Yes, funny it is. I fully realise that one has to be prepared to lose money on these projects. Which is of course a huge incentive to embarking on one! But if I know I can sell one copy, then that satisfies the honor component of the enterprise, which is very encouraging 🙂


      • I guess going in, we knew we weren’t going to make any $$$ on this. So – in theory – that should make it easier to accept it. Or something.

        I think Sam ought to purchase one of the books, though, since he specifically mentioned it during class. See? (Hypothetical) sales have doubled already.

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    • Thanks Eric. I am too – that rehabilitation project of a few months ago had me worried, but turned out to be the insides of the pipes under the street and cemetery, not this structure.


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