2017 Favourites

Los Angeles, Hollywood Boulevard, Olympus XA2, Ilford XP2 Super

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you so much to all of you for visiting my blog in the past year.

These are some of my favourites from 2017. I have not tried to shorten the list too much, but have left out a bunch of shots that could be included. Some of the shots here appeared on Instagram and not in my blog – I was surprised at how many there were.

You will see that most of the ones I like are on film, with a smattering of digital images. A highlight this year was a workshop I attended in Los Angeles given by Sam Abell. There are several pictures from that workshop included here as well as many from trips that I made where photography was something that I spent concentrated effort on. Probably I should more often devote hours at a time to making photographs, rather than my usual few minutes here and there.

I would love to hear what your favourites are from this group, or if there is another image absent from this list but which has stuck in your mind that I posted here or on Instagram.

To see a larger version of any image, click on it in the gallery below.

Once in the gallery navigate with the arrows to see others in larger formats.

Gallery order is random.


12 thoughts on “2017 Favourites

  1. All the Santa Monica shots stand out to me, and Union Station & Hollywood Blvd. I feel like I benefited a bit too from your Sam Abell workshop. Maybe I can do one some day. Also love the Yeatman Bay image. Happy New Year, and thank you for that camera, it was fun to use….and I’ll get back to it…

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    • Hi Lynn. I find it interesting that all the shots you like are ones I took while in workshop mode – really concentrating on what I was seeing. I must regain that mode, make it happen. I am glad you liked using that point and shoot camera. I am not sure it was the best choice to send you, now that I think about what it can and can’t do, but at least the lens was good enough. I plan on dispersing many of my cameras this year, hopefully will get some $$ back for some of them, but plan on gifting others. If at all interested in something a bit more capable let me know.


    • Thank you Julie. The one of my mother makes me very happy – I am so glad to have captured that mood. And the raven too – I have a fondness and respect for ravens after many years of working with them in coastal forests where they assert their primacy over human visitors whenever the find it necessary.

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  2. my favorites include: Ferry, New Castle Island (because I am so very fond of your partner and this is a fun photo of her) Yeatman Bay (that photo just speaks to me) and Castle Point Park with those amazing trees. Thank you for your posts and wonderful photography!

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    • Thank you Sherry. I am fond of her too, but I like that photo for several other reasons too. Yeatman Bay was a great place to camp for a week this summer – I have several shots on several rolls of film of the same view, without Grant. Cattle Point Park has several groves of these Garry Oaks, an indigenous tree that is found along the coast down into Oregon and a bit further north than here. They are wonderfully twisted beings.


    • Thanks Theresa. I know your attachment to Ross Bay, it is a pretty special place to have in an urban setting. And those northern ravens are big, and exceptionally clever. I have spent many hours in the field under the careful eyes of inspector ravens regaled by some acerbic and unreserved commentary from time to time. If they want you to know that you are making a fool of yourself they won’t hold back. Like this one that spoke to/at/about how we were excavating on Quadra Island for half an hour one day https://twitter.com/HakaiInstitute/status/903625688095244288. Not as big as the northern (incl Haida Gwaii) ravens, but just as editorial as the Haida Gwaii ones.


    • Thank you Jim. I took a lot of pictures of my mother this year and this is pretty much my favourite, though there are a couple of others taken within minutes of this one that are strong competitors. The Hooting Dummies is my favourite ever phone picture, though I don’t use my phone much as a camera so that is not a large sample to select from. Thanks for all your interest in my blog this year, and for the excellent work you do on your blog both by making photographs and the way you honouring old cameras.


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