Gallery Fourty Nine Opening

Last weekend the Gallery Fourty Nine opened their inaugural show of photographs.

The gallery has been formed to support film photographers and I was lucky enough to have three photographs featured among the work of 64 local photographers.

With that many photographers the opening was packed and I had to go back on another day to have a proper look at the photographs.

The gallery is in one of Camera Trader’s spaces, and the company owner Anthony co-founded the gallery together with Kat and Betsy.

These photos are from the opening and from my second visit. I shot them with high-speed film, in a point and shoot camera with flash turned off.

The gallery is on the lower level of Market Square in Victoria BC.

It will be open for viewing for another two or three weeks on Wednesdays (12-5pm) and Fridays (12-9pm).

More information at their Facebook page (here), on their Instagram feed (here) or on Twitter (here).



To open any image in the gallery below click on it and then navigate with the arrows




Olympus mjuii, Ilford Delta 3200, processed commercially, scanned at home


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