Cow Bay


I was in Cowichan Bay last weekend to give a talk at a symposium sponsored by Outer Shores Expeditions (link) who run the Passing Cloud, a schooner I work on in the summers in Gwaii Haanas. I arrived early, about 8:30 AM, so spent a bit of time on the waterfront taking pictures.

I had Ilford Delta 3200 in the camera because I had made some photos at a gallery opening the night before, in which three of my photos were hanging. I’ll post about that in the next few days, though a few pictures are now on my Instagram.

The Olympus mjuii still exhibits that pesky flare or light leak. I really need to dive into that problem and correct it.




Olympus mjuii, Ilford Delta 3200, processed commercially, scanned at home


3 thoughts on “Cow Bay

    • Hi Julie – I don’t take any of the photography tours – the photographer that does those is an expert wildlife photographer with all the right gear too. I am not in his league at all. I speak about the work I and others have done to understand the paleoenvironment and archaeology of the region and to provide context for the Indigenous cultures of the area.

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