Instax Christmas


I decided to shoot the Christmas festivities entirely with an Instax Mini 8 and colour instant film. I shot nearly all of three packs which will show up as the 52nd “roll” for my 2016 52 Rolls Project.

I am jumping that gun with this picture of my granddaughter helping make the decorative crust on a chestnut and Brussels sprout pie. She painted the holly leaves, helped put the top on, and the leaves onto the top and sprinkled the red peppercorns. When it came to eating it, she was less enthusiastic and stuck with turkey. I, on the other hand, had a nice wedge of the pie which is delicious and great for the vegetarian contingent at Christmas dinner which has made it an annual favourite.



Instax Mini 8, Fuji Film Instax Mini Colour film (800 ISO)


4 thoughts on “Instax Christmas

    • Thank you Karen. I quite like the Instax feel. I wish there was more camera control, but that can be had (at a price).

      Happy New Year to you too! May it bring you ideal light for the photos you make so well!

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