Masset Cemetery II

More pictures from the Village of Masset cemetery that I introduced in my last post. These are mostly monochrome treatments of single images – no brackets, and all shot as jpegs. Mostly treated in Photomatix and then tweaked in Lightroom. Experiments along my learning curve.




To open images below in gallery view, click on any thumbnail, navigate with arrows and escape to return to this page.



10 thoughts on “Masset Cemetery II

  1. Exquisite! I think this is my favorite so far from this location, your b&w images posted here are full of character and drama! I personally love the tone mapped versions that bring a little extra out in the contrasted areas of the images, as well as the textures.


    • I am enjoying playing with the tone mapping. I have revisited a few of my older images with this in mind, with some good results. One will show up on the 14th for instance.


  2. These are good images; I especially like the one where it looks like the tree is growing out of the top of the cross. Also, because it’s so different from cemeteries out here where I am (where it is not only arid, but currently in the middle of a drought), I liked seeing the lushness of the undergrowth. It gives the cemetery an other-worldly feel.


    • Hi Melinda – this could not be a more damp setting – there is lots of rain, and lots of fog and mist and other things that are not classified as rain in this part of the world. If it was dry, the sand dunes that are under all this vegetation would just blow away leaving the coffins exposed and headstones lying around with drifts of sand across them.


    • Hi Paula – I like that one too, and played with it quite a bit. The feather was black, but reflecting the blue light filtering in from the sky. I actually like this shot only in black and white too, but did not save a version like that when messing around with them.


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