Tow Hill Road

This is a continuation of a series about Tow Hill that I started a week or so ago. Tow Hill is mid-way along North Beach on the north-west shore of Haida Gwaii and one of the main tourist destinations on the islands.

Just west along the road from this photo there is a terrific bakery (New Moon of Naikoon Bakery) that also makes awesome coffee and very good tea. It is nestled in this same environment of sand dunes being taken over by spruce forests. However, I was too focused on drying out from our walk in the rain, and a cinnamon bun, and hot pot of tea to remember to take photos of the bakery.

The road is very well maintained, at least in the summer months.  It terminates just beyond Tow Hill and connects directly to Masset. Much of the road is paved, but this part within the Naikoon Park is what I remember from my earlier visits over the past few decades – a dirt road in the trees. I encourage you to click on the image for a much larger version  including clicking within the larger version – there is a great deal of detail in this photograph. I am a bit disappointed in how WP crunched the tones in this picture as it is more contrasty than the file I uploaded; when enlarged this problem mostly goes away.


Canon 5Dii with soaking wet Nikkor-N (pre-AI) 24mm/2.8m lens, ISO320, 1/80th, not sure of aperture – stitched together from two images, tone-mapped.


13 thoughts on “Tow Hill Road

  1. Ce Classique en Lumières , n’en manque pas moins de Charmes ,
    Tout en Lisière de l’Âme , Entre deux Rives au Clair ,
    Cette Allée d’Ephémères , Ouvre une Voie vers la Dame ,
    Verse Par Foi des Larmes , sur ses Forêts Primaires .
    Merci pour la Magie 😉


  2. I knew at a glance this one was a tone mapped example of your work! Great way to express both the light and dark areas of this image and bring more details out! There is something absolutely dramatic and full of tension in this image, I’d have to say this is one of my personal favorites I’ve seen from you. Great work!!


    • I am very glad you like this one so much. It too is one of my favourites. If I was going to print just one for the wall, I think this would be it, so long as it were a wide space.


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    • Thanks Karen – it was like we were in the middle of a cloud, a rain cloud. Which can give wonderful light, though often a lot of haze too. My next post illustrates this from the top of Tow Hill. These kinds of lighting work much better in black and white as far as I am concerned.


  4. Super photo…I love the north woods and indeed the photo changes for the better after clicking on it. Photos even appear differently from MAC to PC. PC’s always render shots a little darker. Guess that’s just the nature of different operating systems.


    • Thanks David, glad you like this shot, it is one of my favourites from this trip.
      I have not compared MAC and PC desktop computers, but I find that for lap tops MAC is far superior. I am actually quite concerned about how my photos look to my viewers that use a run-of-the-mill PC laptop – my experience is that they really don’t cut it. I don’t think it is the PC operating system because I have compared side by side laptops with my desktop. I think it must be that MAC uses better monitors in their laptops (there has to be something to justify the bigger price, and that is probably one part of the difference). Probably the same goes for their desktop units as well.


  5. I love this photo. The tones are beautiful and maintain the texture of the road and the trees. I have not been happy with WP in some of the photos I’ve uploaded as well, but my problems have been hat they appear darker after uploading. Can’t figure it out.


  6. So beautiful! I was wondering if you’ve been to the Wahington Coast? I would love to see your photographic perspective on that area! My daughter and her boyfriend camped on the beaches around La Push in August and their photos made me want to go there.


    • Hi Paula – I have spent a lot of time on the WA coast, but not for many years now. My pictures from then are all slides and buried somewhere. It is a fantastic coast, and very accessible from Victoria with a regular ferry service that takes about 90 minutes and then, depending on which bit of coast one wants, a couple of hours driving, or a bit more.


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