Mundane Macro

Eye of the needle 1

More shots from the bellows macro, this time of mundane objects found around the house. Included are a very fine paintbrush, a ball point pen, fine needle, small safety-pin, head of a safety match, lens cleaning brush, strange wire Christmas decoration and the chipped corner of a welders’ glass that I used as a background for these photos.

Ball point pen 1


The images are taken with a single tungsten photoflood bulb and some low light from a nearby window. All are at the maximum magnification of 5x.  All are bracketed shots processed in Photomatix with exposure fusion settings.

Safety pin 1

I cleaned much of the dust off my sensor, but still have a bit that I might make another try at removing. I hate to mess around in there, but I sure got a lot of gunk on the sensor from the old bellows unit, even though I cleaned it carefully.

Christmas decoration


To open the gallery view click on any image below, navigate with the arrows and escape to return to this page.


Canon 5Dii, Canon FD 50mm f3.5 Macro Lens reversed with a Canon Macrophoto Coupler FL and mounted on a Canon FL Bellows with a Canon Life Size Adapter. All macro images ISO100,  merged from 3 brackets each, variously at +/- 1.o and +/- 2.0 E.V. except match head merged from 2 sets of 3 brackets.



15 thoughts on “Mundane Macro

    • Ha! Given that the front (or rather rear) of the lens is less than 1cm from the match, lighting it might make for a cool (hot?) photo, but I think would be fatal to the lens.

      As to mundane – the objects are mundane (except maybe the welder’s mask glass which is a bit more interesting), though at high magnification they take on a lot more interest for me. Even then they are more mundane than the recent photos of crystalline glazes, and the pots that they are on.


    • Thanks Melinda. It is a strange little world all around us. And a very dusty one, in our house anyway – everything has dust on it at this scale. I like that ornamental wire the best of them all too – it has great bokeh. Arranging that stuff into a composition was hit or miss, it is all bent out of shape, a springy tangle and it kept on touching the lens and moving with it when I was trying to focus. This was the best of the shots I took, though they all had a greater sense of depth than any of the others. I see the gallery is uneven number – I will add one of the others which is a single image, not brackets.


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