Crystalline Macro II


Another set of photos of crystalline glaze on a pot made by Gordon Hutchens (see this link for his website), this time a side plate that belongs to my son.

I took these photos first and did not bracket the shots so they are processed differently from yesterday’s post.  Also, the bellows unit was set up a bit differently (the lens was not reversed) and thus I think that the magnification is more like 4x for this series.

Plate crystal macro


Plate crystal macro


To open the gallery view click on any image below, navigate with the arrows and escape to return to this page.


Canon 5Dii, Canon FD 50mm f3.5 Macro Lens mounted on a Canon FL Bellows with a Canon Life Size Adapter. ISO100



14 thoughts on “Crystalline Macro II

    • Thanks Lynn. It is an awesome (in the old sense of that word) plate. It was striking to us the way it captured our son’s visual senses (he is a musician and we are much more used to him listening extremely carefully) and realised it would make a wonderful present for him.


    • Thanks Helen. A few years ago, when my (teenage) son saw this plate he looked at if for a very long time and then came back to it later in the show and had another long look. It was an obvious choice to buy him as a Christmas present and has become one of his treasures.


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