Now We Are Six


Today’s image is of photographer Sam Abell instructing the workshop that I attended in February at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

The trip was an important step in learning to be a photographer.

And going to the workshop was a direct result of this blog, and thus a good picture for a birthday.

And a birthday it is – Burnt Embers turns six today!

There have been 2300 posts and more than a quarter million views.

Best of all are the nearly 18,000 comments and 1700 followers.

Thanks to all of you that keep me going on this unexpected journey.




Click the photograph for a larger version.





15 thoughts on “Now We Are Six

    • Thank you Melinda – I too am very pleased that somehow blogging drew us together across a continent. The workshop was great, and made more so by you being there too.

      Six more years of blogging is an intimidating prospect. I think I will keep it day to day 🙂


      • The workshop was the best photographic thing that happened all year – I am so happy that it worked out for us.

        I didn’t mean to imply you HAVE to keep blogging for six more years! Just one day, at a time, and we’ll see where it leads!

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      • I agree, in fact for me one of the best photographic things that have ever happened, which is one reason I used this photo. I can handle one day at a time, and sometimes a few weeks all at once if I am going to be away. More than that though ….

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