Cracked Cross

Cracked Cross 2

A fallen grave marker in Ross Bay Cemetery. Probably pushed over by vandals, it is now mortared into place on top of the slab covering the grave, the lower half of the marker still in place at one end.

You can find out more about Ross Bay Cemetery in these earlier posts.


Cracked Cross 1



Canon G15, 6.1 mm (=28mm full frame), ISO80, f1.8, 1/400th +/- E.V. 2.0.



11 thoughts on “Cracked Cross

  1. Hi Ephem, my first thought when I saw the fallen cross form was that of a figure. Strangely, I find a very strong reference to a fertility doll in the shape. I suppose that is sort of ironic considering it’s a grave marker, but that’s what i see…


    • That is an interesting observation, and not strange I don’t think.. In my mind I always turn the left side of this picture to the top, but I see exactly what you mean if you turn it the other way.

      We have one of those dolls given to us by a friend who was working in Africa. It seems to have worked since we have kids!


  2. Of these two versions, I prefer the first and here is why: the color is a bit distracting when I think of the overall somber subject matter. And the B&W seems a bit more dignified. But that is just the way I read things like this, so your vision is really what counts.


    • Hi Ken. I did the colour version first and it sat for a few days. When I went to make the post and looked at it, I knew it had to be black and white. Not even sure why I kept the colour in the post, other than for comparative reasons I guess.


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