Cross Sky

Sky Cross

The top of a tall grave marker in Ross Bay Cemetery.

You can find out more about Ross Bay Cemetery in these earlier posts.



Canon G15, 30.5 mm (=140mm full frame), ISO80, f2.8, 1/60th +/- E.V. 2.0.



19 thoughts on “Cross Sky

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    • Thanks David – the effect was a bit ruined in my mind by the row of beer bottles along the bottom of the monument – a small drinking party must have taken place the night before I was there. I have a picture of that which I was going to try to work into a useable image.


    • Thank you Laurie. I am very pleased with how this one came out. The sky was great, a series of pillowy grey – a bit like mammatus, but I think probably something else.


    • Hi Karen 🙂
      There does appear to be something like a shroud. However, there is some doubt as to whether that is original or the result of poor conservation. There are quite a few graves with circular or linear cleaning marks on them where some kind of quite abrasive tool has been used to remove lichen and so on and in the doing have scarred the headstones. It is possible someone was going at this cross as well. I will need to have another look at it and see if it looks original – I did not notice it until I was working with the photo.


      • I just noticed that the whole monument is visible in the third image in Grave Tiles II but viewed from the other side. Looks as if there is something up there in that one too – could they have made a similar mess of both sides during cleaning?


    • Thanks Ken – it is one of those shots where the original is quite bland, but a bit of processing made all the difference. I darkened the whole image to get the sky more pronounced. I masked the cross and pulled it back up and then I adjusted various levels for the whole works, though not a lot I don’t think. I am very pleased with the versatility of the G15 too, this is at it’s maximum zoom.


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