Sign of Art?


A building in Portland across from OMSI.

I can’t figure out if the framework is deliberate art, or the remnants of a large sign of some kind.

It is weird how some of the black beams are quite reflective and others are not.

So, I wrote all that, not that that is much, and then decided to research it.

It is a kinetic water sculpture, or fountain if you like, called Birds on a Wire by David Curt Morris.

You can find out more about it this link.

I could not find a video of it in operations, but did not look all that hard.



Canon 5Dii, 50mm f1.4 lens, ISO100, f1.4, 1/6400th




13 thoughts on “Sign of Art?

    • Thanks Sherry – if you find one, please add a link in the comments. I would like to see it. I had a bit of a look and I am sure there must be one, but perhaps not labelled in any obvious way.


    • Hi Karen! Thanks for the comment. The bird IS perfect. Most of the visit in Portland was nicer weather than this, though the drive back north was one of those horrid heavy rains that turn highways into rivers.


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