Storm Drain

Once again, the storm drain structure on the beach in Ross Bay, Victoria. This photo is from Tuesday when we had quite strong wind blowing at the end of the day – I took this picture after work when it was gusting into the 60’s (kph). As seems to be usual in these circumstance, there were various technical difficulties which made it hard to keep things in focus. I rather like the soft focus of this long exposure, it goes with the waves and the clouds.

I can’t really explain why I have done a series on this feature, it is totally accidental and has to do with the success of one of the early pictures and the ease of access to this location and that it is along one of my travel routes.

You can find the other storm drain pictures through this link.    Ross Bay Zigzag is from a similar vantage point as this image, but on a quiet day.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lense, ISO100: f5.6, 0.6 seconds, Cameron Fader ND filter at about 2 f-stops of density.




30 thoughts on “Storm Drain

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    • Hi Andy – thanks so much for your comment. What I found a little bit out of place in this shot is the Olympic Mountains in the distance – its odd that they are not obscured by the weather.


  3. what will you do when summer comes and there are no more of these wonderful grey wintry seascapes and threatening clouds to delight your lens?


    • Mario that is a great question and I have no idea at all. If you had asked me last September what I would do I would not have said “photograph that storm drain in Ross Bay”, that is for sure.


    • Hi friendly – your comment went to spam again. I appreciate your comments, but apparently others must find your website too commercial or something and are getting you labeled as spam, so to keep some balance on this blog I have edited the link. Thanks for coming by, and for your comment 🙂


  4. che suggestione questo mare e queste nuvole, chi vuole aspettare che la loro forza ci trascini via….

    that suggestion this sea and these clouds, who wants to wait until their strength there drag on ….



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