Storm Aftermath


We have been having a series of storms this fall. A couple of them have reached wind speeds between 120 and 124km/hr (74-77mph) at Trial Island (in the distance in photo above).

I don’t have any pictures from the height of the storms – it was just too wild and too much spray to be taking cameras into. I did try to get some on film in slightly less wild conditions and the above phone shot was secondary to that effort.

I could not tell if my camera was even taking pictures as I could not hear the film advance over the wind. That film will be processed today.

In the meantime, above is a picture from about a week ago of the waves breaking over the storm drain. Below are  shots from yesterday of all the wood that ended up on the walkways that ring Ross Bay. In the panorama below the storm drain is near the upper left corner, but mostly underwater so not very visible and on the right is Clover Point. The bottom picture is of the storm drain, after the storm but while driftwood was still floating around.







Samsung Galaxy S4


8 thoughts on “Storm Aftermath

    • It’s funny how this rubbed-raw driftwood can brighten up a day. Driftwood is an interesting thing in this part of the world, there is a lot of it but what is not clear was there a lot before commercial logging. It is an important agent in anchoring sand dunes and the movement of beaches.


    • That salt spray had to be removed from the phone, and from the lens of the camera I was using. I have some black and white film back that has many of the same scenes on it as are in this post. I’m looking forward to scanning, or rather to seeing the scans.

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  1. “I could not tell if my camera was even taking pictures as I could not hear the film advance over the wind.”

    no film counter display?

    I hope the camera in this case wasn’t the GW690 … the wind would have to be too noisy for you to not hear that film advance sound!!


    • Hi Ashoke. You are right, I might have heard the GW690 though I don’t find it as loud as people complain about. I probably (though the wind and ocean were loud) would have heard my Mamiya M645 which sounds like a freight train when the shutter moves across and the motor drive advances. I was using the Olympus mjuii which has been my pocket camera for a few months and which is fairly quiet. I am used to hearing it when I press the shutter and thought I had not pressed it correctly, so took two or three pictures before I figured out what was going on.

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    • Hi Sherry – the colour of the wood comes from it being so heavily abraded during the storm, and still being wet. It doesn’t take long for it to bleach to grey in the sunlight.


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