Haida Gwaii Canoe

This post is the 44th in my 52 Rolls project. It has the other half of the roll of today’s roll of film which was posted here: http://wp.me/p1R4lY-7d3.

If you are interested in other photos of Haida canoes, including another unfinished on in the forest, they can be found here.

52 rolls

2015-OlyMJUii-013 (24)

This roll of film for my 44th offering has a real mix of places and things on it and so it was hard to find a theme in the photos. It was in the camera in Victoria and when I took a trip to Nanaimo, as well as when I went to Haida Gwaii on my last trip. I settled on the theme “images from the road” which is mostly on Haida Gwaii back in the Juskatla Narrows area where I went to look at a brace of Haida dugout canoes that were left unfinished in the forest probably in the last half of the 1800s. In the photo above, in the foreground moss if you look carefully you can see rectangles which are slabs of cedar removed from the canoe log during manufacture, and in the back ground the cut end of the rest of the tree.

This roll was lost to me…

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