While on the Passing Cloud we had several encounters with Risso’s dolphins.

I  had not seen this kind of dolphin before this trip, but we met two distinct groups.

One sighting consisted of 100 or so individuals, all adults, seen in Louscoone Inlet for several hours.

They may actually have been more than one group as they seemed to travel in clumps of 30 or so.

The other numbered about 30 and included numerous calves and we saw them at the south end of Burnaby Narrows and a few days later in Rose Harbour.

On my last night while at anchor in Houston Stewart Channel we could hear them breathing and splashing around the boat long after dark – a spooky experience I am unlikely to repeat.



Canon 5Dii, EF 100/2.8 macro lens, ISO250, f3.5, 1/800th


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