First Breath


My first post

A breath on neglected embers.

Ross Bay, SE corner at sunset.

On the way to buy milk




5 thoughts on “First Breath

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  3. Thanks. There will me more insects posted soon. Just last night, I photographed unidentified white caterpillars on a shrub that had white berries on it. I have no idea of the species of either of them but got great shots to post.


  4. After I posted as response to Ruby’s Gate, I discovered you are just starting your blog. I hope it brings you as much satisfaction as mine has brought me so I thought I’d offer you some encouragement as you begin.

    I made my first post in November, 2009. I had already registered the name ( but had been dragging my feet in installing the software and committing myself to it. Since I had installed many WordPress sites for clients, I knew how to do it. Just didn’t take the time to do it for myself.

    The attack at Fort Hood prompted me to start. I was moved by its impact and planned to send an email to a friend in Seattle. In that email, I wanted to include a picture of Mike Cahill and a link to a song on YouTube. Without too much thought, I decided it was a good time to post it in WordPress rather than an email so I could share it with others. This was the result:

    My first vague plan mixing my photos/art/words has evolved in directions I hadn’t anticipated at the time. Life does that to all of us, I think. I hope it happens for you, too. Twenty-two months later, I’m very surprised with myself. I’ve posted more than 1,400 of my images (photos for the most part) in almost 780 posts! While most bloggers lose interest within six months, I haven’t. The biggest problem is finding the time to do it with enthusiasm instead of it becoming a chore. I create several posts in one sitting and schedule them for release (1/day) afterward. This helps me streamline the process and it actually makes it fun for *ME* to visit my own blog because I forget what I designated to be posted each day so its a minor surprise.

    The blog has also led me to become a contributor to a local interactive news site,, where I’ve posted a dozen features and summed up my suggestions for newbie bloggers. You might enjoy reading my advice to help get you started if you’re having any difficulty:

    I wish you well on your journey!


    • Thanks a lot for your encouragement – it will be interesting to see how this goes. I don’t plan on posting except when I feel like it, so will probably avoid the trap of no longer having fun with the chore of it all.

      I have looked at some of your recent posts and will be looking at more of your earlier ones as I get the time – I like your night photos, and especially the macro shots of insects.


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