Fisherman Launching Boat, Clover Point

Clover Point in Victoria is the location of a major and controversial sewage outfall. Not the kind of place one wants to hang out. Except, it is.

The adjacent beach in Ross Bay is wonderful (though artificial) pebble beach, the sea wall along the point is architecturally interesting and easy to walk on in good weather. There is no smell. And, on its east side, there is a small unobtrusive boat house used by the Clover Point Anglers Association. Inside are small boats, mostly aluminum, which are pushed out, one after another, first thing in the morning for a bit of salmon fishing. Some have motors. Some, like this one, are rowed.

You can find out more about the history of this club and the park that Clover Point is in here




11 thoughts on “Fisherman Launching Boat, Clover Point

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    • Hi Katherine. This is my first blog of my own. I did a guest blog once before, part of what made me think about doing this. My first post in this blog was 14th September, 2011 (not much different than you!), the second was on the 17th and I have posted every day since then. This particular post gets the occasional views still by people searching for the anglers association.


      • Wow EVERY DAY! No wonder I still find loads of post I haven’t seen yet. I like the idea of asking others to do guest posts. Is there a link where I can find what you wrote?


      • Have you tried the go to a random post “button” (text only) below the comments? It can be fun to browse that way. I will send you a link – it was only one post.


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