Ogden Point Kiosk

The past two days I have shown a First Nations mural and associated signage on Ogden Point – the mural is painted on the breakwater and the signs are on the opposite shore. Next to the signs is a heritage kiosk which includes 4 panels, one about First Nations and which I feature here, the others concern Ogden Point, local and maritime history. For the reasons expressed in the posts of the past two days, I am concentrating on the indigenous heritage aspect of these signs – mostly because I am interested in the shift towards greater emphasis on, and recognition of, the culture and history of First Peoples in this area.

I have added this kiosk to my map of markers about local First Nations which can be found here. The map is zoomed in pretty tight on this link, but if you zoom out a bit you will find other places. If you click on a marker it will link you to information and pictures in my blog about those places. Turn on the satellite image as it gives a better idea of the place as well. [Edit: I have added a map below – I think you can zoom and pan right within the blog, otherwise click on the “view larger map” text underneath it. If you zoom in on the breakwater area you can see the precise location of the signage, for those of you thinking about checking it out].

This gallery shows all four panels in general terms and then zooms in with crops of parts of the First Nations panels. I hope you are interested enough to have a look – click on any image to launch the gallery viewer.


Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon 1.4/50mm lens, ISO100, f13, various shutter speeds.




11 thoughts on “Ogden Point Kiosk

  1. That a fabulous, fabulous post my friend! You are very good at this! I always come away learning so much about this great city, the very same city I’ve lived in for over 32 years and love with all my heart! Awesome documentation here, really well done!


    • Thanks so much Toad – when I am surprised by something like kiosk, it makes me wonder what I am just walking past and taking for granted. Probably a great deal. I am trying to keep my eyes open a bit more.


  2. I have edited this post to embedd the map with some of the markers that link back to my posts. It would be interesting to hear what people think of the map. I am considering making one for my posts in general as a geographical guide to my blog and am wondering if its worth the effort. WP indicates very few clicks on the map link when I give one, but I know that WP seriously under-counts outgoing clicks, so I have unreliable information on which to base a decision.


    • Hi Ryan – I am glad it has been a good fit for some of my regulars. It’s not my usual fare so I worry that my subscribers might not be interested.


      • Understandable, but I think it fits well. There are still beautiful images; you’re just showcasing something you feel is important. Besides, even we bloggers need a break from ‘normalcy.’


    • Well, just in case, I threw in another post today, more in keeping with my usual.
      As for normal – I am not sure how that applies. Lately I have been a bit lazy, or home bound, or weather shy, or something. So my offerings have been in a narrow, close-to-home range. Which starts to feel normal. Time to mix it up a bit probably. I have not taken any macro shots for a long time, for instance.


      • Oh, I love your macro shots. I feel you on being home bound – I blame grandfather winter. The cold makes me long for blankets, hot tea, and trashy fiction.


      • We are totally on the same page in our response to the cold – tea and trashy fiction! Love them both.
        I could shoot macro shots indoors, as I often do. But the light coming through the window has been very muted and low and not inspiring.


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