A quick visit back to my Friday Harbor archives from earlier this year.

I had admired this drain cover for its functionality during heavy rain as it should not clog up with debris.

But, I did not think to look into it until I saw this little girl’s fascination.

This is what I saw:


But, I think that a bit more post processing emphasizes the water in a constructive (and fun) way.



Canon 5Dii, Canon 50/1.4 lens, Girl: ISO 100, f1.4, 1/2000th. Drain water  ISO800, f1.4, 1/8000th.

Picture of little girl used with parental permission.




8 thoughts on “Look!

  1. A very interesting perspective and a great job capturing it. I would have walked right past it. It’s also curious that light even gets to the bottom of the drain. Really nice shots. Oh, and the kid is cute, too.


    • Thanks Ken. I hope I don’t get a reputation when it comes to drains….
      I did walk right past it several times as it was between our cabin and our parking spot. I was looking at the pictures of the girl and I think that is what made me look in the next time I walked by. I guess the light was just right, and the water in motion so it had an uneven surface that reflected well. Anyway, the first picture focused on the metal framework and was a dud – very boring.


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