Another view of Ross Bay Cemetery, though it could be nearly anywhere. The healed amputations of limbs, on a tree that I did not notice much else about – actually I am not even sure if these shots are on the same tree, though this seems likely as they were taken within seconds of each other. Unlike the rampaging arborist hacking away with a saw many years ago, I did not notice if the tree was a conifer or deciduous.

These are more shots from the Canon G15, the day I took it to the Cemetery for a trial. Both these shots are HDR processed from 3 brackets. I think that they go quite well with yesterday’s gravy shot, especially the first image.

Limbless detail

Other Ross Bay Cemetery posts can be found here.


Canon G15, 6.1 mm (=28mm full frame), ISO80, f1.8, top: 1/100th, bottom: 1/50th, +/- E.V. 2.0.



12 thoughts on “Limbless

    • Thanks Toad – it was one of those odd things that caught my eye. And when testing a camera, I find that I press that shutter in places I might not otherwise. Glad you like it 🙂


  1. These shots from the G15 retain the detail and richness of the tree. I’ve always wanted a small camera to keep on me at all times. I like the G15 because it shoots RAW, too, but after buying the d600 last year I’m going to have to win the lottery before I buy another camera.


    • Hi Ken. The G15 seems like a very good camera, there is the RAW, the f1.8 lens, bracketing, in camera panos and good image stabilisation, good video qualities too, a really nice viewfinder, and so on. $$ are of course an issue with any gear. I wish I had one as well. I would keep it with me all the time.


  2. Without scale that first one could be an aerial shot down onto a volcano’s crater. I can see the connection with yesterday’s gravy!. G15 – did you have a previous Canon? I’m still using a G10. Works fine apart from the noise above ISO400 which is horrible. Have they dealt with that issue in the G15


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