Yet more from the barrier that guards the top of the sewage plant at Clover Point. I think this graffiti has been there a long time, as it looks like it is growing a bit of lichen or algae on it. This is a bit odd since there are many painted patched on the concrete barriers in this area, presumably hiding graffiti. Perhaps this one is considered more like art and has been left as a result. It certainly is more durable than the paper graffiti that was a few feet to the left of this location.



Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO100, f5.6, 1/100th, +/- 2.0 E.V., processed in Photomatix.



10 thoughts on “Graffiti

    • Thanks Joseph. This one called for HDR – the strip of light in the distance was very bright and the graffiti totally in shadow. I only wish I had found a way to control the halos around parts of the light standards, though I could go in and touch those up individually I expect.


      • Initially I saw your post on twitter on my phone. I notice what you’re talking about looking at the computer screen. HDR fall out that goes very nicely with this photograph, where mostly when encountered it is a nuissance and a challenge. Looking at the screen here I can validate my liking for this photograph.


      • Well thanks, that is a nice perspective, that it is acceptable fallout. I was being too technical in my critique! Now I can live with it (well, I was going to anyway unless I decided to make a print or something, then I might tweak it a bit).


    • I am thinking that the patches which have been painted over were more likely run-of-mill tagging. Interesting though that the guy with the roller and paint has left this one alone. I am thinking there must be the occasional artistic graffiti in WWLIWL, perhaps you have not been lucky enough to find it yet.


    • Hi John – thanks for the comment. The cloud was low and dense and if it were not for that open strip of light across the water, I probably would not have taken any pictures.


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