Passing Views


I have shown a photo from this passage before (here), with View Towers in the background.

This image is processed for an Instagram format (you can find me as user Ehpem).

It is from a colour negative (original scan below) and is part of my test roll from the Olympus XA.



Other posts from the Olympus XA can be found here.




Olympus XA, f2.8/35mm lens, Fuji Seria 200 film, scanned with Espon V700


7 thoughts on “Passing Views

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    • Hi Melinda. Instagram requires a square format – no other choice. I miss some of the ceiling texture in the crop, but not much else. I will be shooting this location again I am sure. I have only dipped into instagram, but I like the informality of it. It does not seem competitive and the standards are loose – I don’t mind posting “snapshots” along with “photographs” in that venue. Takes some of the pressure off. Compared, for instance, to 500px which I found highly unsatisfactory in terms of the feel and culture of the site – enough so that I shut my site down there a few months ago. Maybe instagram will wear thin too, but so far it feels comfortable.


    • Thanks Andy – I think this would have been a better photo a split second later with more of the reflection in the window – you can just see the roll of carpet along the left edge of the photo – a bit more would have been more interesting to me. This might also be an interesting photo with only extra feet, but hard to time.
      Thanks for the instagram connection – I expect I will not be a regular poster either, but my son had been pressing me to get an account, so I did, and have been posting some of the shots I had available through my phone, though from multiple cameras. I do use my camera phone from time to time, so it probably will settle into being a camera phone gallery, as is usual.


      • It’s the younger generation that prompt these actions – both my offspring use Instagram and it’s often by seeing their images that I discover where they have been and who they have met!


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