Deer Brush and Water Drop

Deer Brush

These two shots are quick tests, hand-held in the garden, with high magnification macro as part of my learning my way around a work camera. One of the things I am interested in with the Olympus OMD EM1 is  to see how it handles vintage lenses, and in particular macro lenses. As it happened, I have a Canon FD to Micro 4/3’s adapter got for my son’s Panasonic, but never used much. So on the weekend I put on my Canon FD 50mm F3.5 lens, reversed and mounted on extension tubes. With my full frame sensor camera, this combination runs at about 2X magnification on the sensor, and thus with this camera’s smaller sensor, it must result in about 4X magnification, or a bit less because I think the lens was not fully extended.

I took quite a few shots, but hand-holding was a bad idea, and the ISO was too slow to compensate. Even so, a few of them more or less worked out. These two are really to affirm to myself that the camera is totally capable for more extreme macro shots, especially when I bother to mount it on a tripod, or otherwise set it up in advance.  It will also work fine with my FD bellows unit combined with this lens set, which could produce magnifications in the 8X to 10X range. I expect that to be a lot trickier, and in need of flash, but I want to work at cleaning the inside of the bellows unit first (and yet again) in order to avoid filling the camera with dust.

Water drop



Olympus OMD-EM1, Canon FD 50mm f3.5 Macro Lens reversed with a Canon Macrophoto Coupler FL and mounted with a Canon Life Size Adapter. ISO400, 1/400th top, 1/160th bottom, ca f8.



2 thoughts on “Deer Brush and Water Drop

    • Hi Katherine – thanks so much. All the bug shots were out of focus – mostly because the bugs were in motion, but also because I was not well enough prepared. It will work very well for insects though, enough magnification to really bring out their details.


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