Drain Breaker II


Another black and white conversion from my number six roll at the 52 Rolls Project.

This is the way the scanner detected the frames on a stretch of film that had serious light leaks introduced when the camera back popped open (see here for the original colour version).

I quite like the way this distressed diptych came out in black and white, which means you get to see it too.

But on balance, I prefer the single-frame conversion of a similar image posted a few days ago.



Olympus XA2, f3.5/35mm lens, Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 expired 2004, scanned with Epson V700, converted in Lightroom.




10 thoughts on “Drain Breaker II

    • Hi Melinda – I know you have a soft spot for this drain feature. There was not much more of that frame on the right as it took the full blast of light from the door opening, but I like that broken and unbalanced aspect of the diptych, and the way the shoreline is a bit out of alignment between frames adds some energy too. It reminds me that my Olympus Pen half-frame is loaded with film (since July) and really needs to be shot, with deliberate diptychs.


    • Hi Peter – thanks for dropping by this blog. I am glad you like how the image came out in black and white. I think that light leaks, especially in black and white, can sometimes add to a photo rather than detract.

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