This little dog runs the Curiosity Shop on Fort Street and has somehow finagled a human to keep it warm and to help compensate for far too short legs.

The human calls me ‘the camera guy’ but I don’t have a name for the dog or his man.

I check out his old cameras from time to time, which is where the name comes from, but I also check out other stuff.

I am not a great customer though, I have only ever bought one camera from the shop.

I was walking past the shop when I found the dog had brought him outside to test a pair of binoculars.

I was checking out the Yashica AFMii to see if it was worth using and asked if I could take their picture.

This picture is one of an emerging series of portraits taken of vendors of one kind and another around town.


This dog and his human were taken as part of my week 7  at the 52 Rolls project.



Yashica AF-M ii, 38mm/f2.8 Yashica lens, Fuji Superia X-Tra 400, expired 2004.




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