Looking Up IV



Another view of the ceiling in this derelict house that I photographed with Melinda Green Harvey a month ago.

When I took this photo it was my favourite taken in this house, though I have other favourites now I still like this one a lot.

I think there is a nest in this light fixture, and am pretty sure there was one in yesterday’s as well.

If so, anyone that has ever taken down one of these while perched on a ladder and spilling flies and other detritus in your eyes can imagine why these light fixtures were left in place. Even though all the other fixtures like covers for the electrical outlets and wall cladding were stripped in most rooms.

Others in this mini-series can be found here.




Canon 5Dii, Canon 16-35/f2.8 lens @ 16mm, ISO2000, f4.0,  1/30th.



2 thoughts on “Looking Up IV

  1. Thanks Mark! I’m glad someone else likes it enough to stop and say so 🙂 I sometimes think my taste must be eccentric when I use comments and likes to evaluate the success of an image, which is of course a false measuring stick but sometimes it’s all I’ve got.


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