Concert With Point and Shoot

Here is the companion post from 52 Rolls to yesterday’s Burnt Embers post. These are the colour versions which I converted in yesterday’s post to black and white.

52 rolls


At the end of last month I attended a concert that was to raise funds for the youth music program in Port Renfrew. Port Renfrew is a couple of hours from Victoria on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island. I went because my son was (a) playing and (b) teaches in the music program. I did not go with the idea of taking many photos and expected that a concert photographer would be there, which there was. Thus I only brought an Olympus mjuii (Stylus Epic) in my pocket and one roll each  of Lomography Colour 800 and Ilford Delta 3200 just in case there was a chance to take a few shots. It is nowhere near an ideal camera for shooting a concert as the lens is a bit wide at 35mm and the flash has to be shut off every time the camera is turned on. But, it does have several advantages that most other point and…

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