No Regrets




Seen beside the road. The shoes look done, so perhaps there are no regrets at things left behind.

This film seems happier with a bit of overexposure – next roll I will be metering at ISO 160.



Canon Elan IIe, Canon EF 50/1.4 USM, Rollei CR200, commercially processed, scanned at home and adjusted in Lightroom


4 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. Here in the states you often see a single shoe lying beside the road or more ominously IN the road…..seeing a pair so neatly arranged is quite different. I have always thought those single shoes were begging for back stories. I feel that is even more the case with this pair.


    • Thanks Sherry – I find abandoned, forgotten, lost shoes evocative of abandoned, forgotten or lost people. Except the ones hanging in pairs by their laces from power lines – those ones evoke drunken teenagers.
      Around here we have a sad and very ominous phenomenon of running shoes being found on beaches, with feet still in them. Once identifications are done, and usually it is possible, they turn out to be suicides or otherwise missing people. The running shoes float free of the bodies and drift around. A pair washed up over the course of a week out near Port Renfrew a couple of weeks ago which makes it something like 15 in the past couple of years. Unsettling.


    • I think so. This is right next to the cemetery, perhaps they were given a ritual send off of some kind. But also right next to a parking spot, so perhaps someone put them down next to the car, and forget them.


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